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Anki Overdrive knows the inclined blog readers already. The racecourse without rails we had more guests, a somewhat more extensive testing we have in this post . Who Anki Overdrive does not know: This is a racetrack, move automatically to the vehicles, the user only controls certain actions. The motto here is not mandatory: “Come first to the finish” race can be obtained in different ways. Now there is the Super Trucks growth within the fleet. However, these provide a new game mode. So they are not just more vehicles with which one can turn his rounds.


Takeover is the new game mode that is his name and equitable. A Super Truck on the track rotates lonely his rounds, while the players (of flesh and blood or AI) attempt to gain control over the truck. This is theoretically very simple, you just have his weapons aimed at the truck, you are good enough, you take over the control of the truck, the host vehicle continues then by itself.

If the truck acquisition succeeded, the fun really begins, it flits with the much larger vehicle on the track and can put away just about everything that one is in the way. Preferably opposing drivers. To get at this also, the truck can also accelerate. If the targets in range, can be set to one of the two weapons to turn the goal. Should we also do, because otherwise you can the truck again quickly be rid of and you have to go on in their own, small car again.


If you move your Super Truck fast long enough, the Rage mode is charged. If you activate this, it roars in speed over the distance and automatically raises all vehicles out of the race, coming one in the way. you fail to do it, however, turn off other vehicles, they can continue to try to gain control over the truck.

Prior to the start of such a takeover game that requires at least one Super Truck and two cars, one defines nor how many points are needed to win. So a round of takeover mode may take some time for once. Here are a few screenshots of the Takeover mode from the app (iOS):

Looking at the “hardware” of the Super Trucks, quickly notice that it is a normal Anki Supercar with trailers. but While a lot bigger, still fits through under bridges, even if there is just above another vehicle (this can be the “bridge” by the flexible web parts slight sag). In terms of speed, cars and trucks take anything, even in curves, the truck lie a considerable speed.

Unfortunately, I had the test, the ski jump (Launch Kit) not know if the truck comes through this, I can not say, therefore. Clean from the feeling I would say no, because it is simply too long and by its higher weight would also be correspondingly faster.

I tested the Takeover mode both with an Android phone and an iPhone that has everything works beautifully – even in “Mixed” mode, ie with simultaneous use of Android and iOS. The first time the app with the Super Truck Update (can not be used with an older version, updates are already available) you also get a detailed introduction to the Super Trucks and the Takeover mode. Well done, one must not only find out how you have actually used the mode.

Something bad that can not be the Super Trucks use in the normal game modes. Where two trucks would take on the track and a lot of space. Where you go on the track with the truck, one should remember also that on tight curves are such changes also like to once cut from the hanger so that the trailer – all its name becoming – hangs. Not that the truck then no longer runs, at least he did not permanently hang here.


What can, however, happen in Rage mode, the casting out of other vehicles. During this with me always back found their way onto the track in a normal disposal of the track (in Caschy which was at that time not so), the vehicles were thrown from the truck as far off the track that they no longer came back alone. A manual returning to the track was required. In a heated battle may be the already uncool.

The Super Trucks were my first contact with Anki overdrive and there was a lot of fun. but occurs also in mind that with me everything worked right away. With or without a Super Truck, the link assembly to the race, there was no annoying moment of use. However, this need not be in any way.

Who already Anki Overdrive uses and finds pleasure in it, for the new Super Trucks are something. The Takeover game mode makes a change and bring variety to those who have used the other game modes already excessive. Perhaps as a nice complement gift for owners of such web.

Whether you just need the Super Trucks to get started, I would even doubt it makes a lot of sense to get accustomed to the normal vehicles and normal modes of Anki overdrive. It’s just not a simple modern “Carrerabahn” but already a very unique thing that technically minded probably automatically like. Alone that vehicles smartly can swim laps and be controlled with a smartphone, is pretty cool. If you are as playful enough.

As of October 12, the two Super Trucks X52 and Freewheel are available, be proclaimed 69.99 euros. Not cheap, but you knew that already, if you Anki Overdrive has bought.


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