apan’s April Fool’s Day spoof how to play, to see if we collected some interesting examples




apan’s April Fool’s Day spoof how to play, to see if we collected some interesting examples
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April 1 of each year, may be a day of a lot of people love to hate it.

Annual April Fool’s Day to start running pull, since after With web, whether manufacturers or media almost regarded as important festival to showcase the brand creative April Fool’s Day, anyway Anyway whimsical, as long as in this day debut in how ideas are also able to swallow As for how to make the reader laugh, applauded, it can only vendors creativity with skill to pull. Below we list currently found on the Internet all the April Fool’s Day humor, and at any time to update! (The following basis update has sort).

1, auKDDI zzzPhoneBed
Do not study the smart watches will be red, because there was an immediate pull the smart bed!

au KDDI allows you to “lie down” smartphone zzzPhoneBed , the body with a variety of colors to choose from, full cover all daily needs, contains step above running way browsing the fitness benefits, directly to sleep in above to ensure that the alarm can certainly awakened themselves, like linen tablecloth can be replaced by any one of the beloved characters of role pillow also durable than you buy; focused talk time of up to 41 years, but the charging time of only 41 seconds,

This put me to sleep and easy to use (?), ZzzPhoneBed already available for pre-April 1, will be sent to your home depends on luck.

2 Cool Air handy new features after the induction of Flight ”

Airline Cool Air (Scoot) after the induction of flight ” (Tap-&-Scoot) “Yau Friends of card complete combined hugging flight machine service, passengers can link directly from the bus, MRT, replacing the airport check-in the complexity of the program. Looks super aspect? Sorry! This service will be launched on April 31, 2013, you want this service, wait until April first 31 days.

3, Good Smile Company the published “Mikudayo Sakura Edition

Japanese model toy maker Good Smile Company published the April 1 limited planning products clay people “mikudayo cherry board” clay people (neんどろいど桜ミkuダworkー) , synchronous expand the one-day limited display activities; appearance is self completely just like this year, 3 Yue Sakura Hatsune clay series launched in derivatives, priced at 3,939 yen (Hatsune Japanese miku, audio and recently text 39).


Whoops! Display of goods, and presumably will really sell? Please note that this statue model from prototype, making third-manufacturing third planning third all mikudayo to do it yourself, so really this? Who knows, in accordance with Good Smile Company’s acting style, even if it is really not too nervous launched. (Laughs)

Note: mikudayo (of ミ the ku ダ work ー) came originally from SEGA 3DS “Hatsune Miku and the stars of the future plans for the future,” which itself Hatsune three prototype based clay version of Hatsune derivative. mikudayo because leans forward a bit top-heavy, a slightly dull eyes design, after the release of some people think this is the existence of a “Cthulhu like”. Short, SEGA vigorously promoted gradually derived a complete mikudayo product line also began to players on her soft spot for general network literal Japanese pronunciation “Mia cried Dayou” as the unofficial Chinese call.

4, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan changed its name to “Silent Hill”!

“Silent Hill” have to put their oar. Shizuoka, Japan, literally means “quiet hills, so the film’s official website is simply very cool April 1 deliberately changed with the Shizuoka county government the same format, but also with great fanfare announced Shizuoka Prefecture from now renamed “Silnet Hill County, of course, this is just trial with the film” Silent Hill: Revelation 3D “will be released in Japan in July this year gimmick. (The movie has been released in Taiwan in 2012)


5, Japan PlayStation “401 Not FOUND”

Japan’s Sony Computer Entertainment PlayStation official website possession of an April Fool’s Day humor, although this humor is clearly conservative too many.


A Tibetan spoof of the Terrier independent Home, published of “dark soul sacrifice” one of the protagonists of the “book” Hot 401 million units, will be held the hands of the “magic” handshake. PlayStation Home inside to peddle a sea view villa, a total of 401, an asking price of 4.01 million yen, Registration begins on April 1. Box! – OPEN ME-“To apply for the Guinness Book of World Records,” the world’s smallest box, ah ~ with the the nib point of an even smaller state than you, it is best to also see the box! (Turn table)

In short, no matter what the news, just into the home will tell you that “0401 Not Found”!

6, SAKURA Internet “scientific super computers fortress”

The official website of the Sakura Internet into a “super-computer science fortress, not only public house animation” super guns “heroine full debut, you can also see the the president solemnly commentary spoof version of the company philosophy.


Animated heroine Misaka Mikoto became this computer fortress “important electrical equipment, may lead to an unstable state of supply, but because of emotional or trying to sleep can give a complete monitoring support through human cloning” Sister “in order to provide the server a secure support environment. The perfect preservation system is referred to the membership discipline members, 177 branch, have through the ability of solid play France and the United States Wei ornaments Lee play under the same branch in early spring, to achieve complete energy saving support system management. Fulfillment full animation stems may make readers unfamiliar with this work does not resonate, but also provides light to see the last 6 original wallpaper download, can also be regarded as a very sincere chatter.


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