[App Store + HD] Bog Racer – a difficult, but extremely addictive time-killer 5




[App Store + HD] Bog Racer – a difficult, but extremely addictive time-killer 5

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Bog Racer

Game: Bog Racer | Free | Universal App | Set

A truly great game for iOS-devices go a few times a year. And, I must admit that most of them – continued for a long time known series. Nevertheless themselves new games in the App Store are appearing every day. And in large quantities, which is interesting. And as the budgets of many small studios developers, all they want to do is not so much the plot of the game, how many spanning all want to make the real killers free time. Here are just a few manage this trick. Bog Racer – quite a worthy representative of this genre – “time-killer” – with quite an unusual game mechanics. Let’s take a look.

Not so long ago it seemed that the hardest representative of the “time-killer» – Flappy Bird. Then, as is well known, the developer decided to remove the game from the App Store. Of course, after removing the app store there are many clones, but they are still a long way from the original. Then came Timberman – a good time-killer, which, by controlling the woodcutter, it was necessary to cut the infinite tree, dodging branches. Is also interesting. But it is difficult becomes immediately. Bog Racer, by subjective evaluation, it seems harder and one, and other games. Do not believe a word – and see for yourself.

Bog RacerBog Racer

Mechanics of the game, at first glance, is quite simple. All you need to do – run a small machine that seeks to forward and forward. Clicking anywhere on the screen of your iOS-device, you can get the machine to turn in the opposite direction (depending on your direction of travel) – all quite logical. It is necessary to note that the machine turns quite quickly and dramatically, though ninety degrees, of course. Nevertheless, to cope with such control is not so simple.

On your way you will meet a lot of bridges. Just one after another. Your task in this situation is to not fall into the water. To perform this task, you must be careful to call on each of the bridges. Not necessarily in the center, but the edges better beware, because the machine behaves quite briskly. And once you make the first turn, you can forget about that machine once was able to go in a straight line.

Bog RacerBog Racer

All the complexity is not only that you need to succeed, turning, call in on each bridge, but also in the fact that, firstly, the bridges are constantly changing in size, and secondly, the race car will go faster and faster (but 50 to bridge the change in velocity will be significantly less tightly). Accordingly, the control in such an environment will also be more difficult. Your success depends solely on your attentiveness, reaction and dexterity. Little hint: do not hurry to click on the screen, as this way you can lose control on the opposite corners. Press at the time when the machine approaches the edge of the bridge. To move to the next bridge you need time to let go of the machine in the right direction.

Admittedly, you need to have a truly nerves of steel if you want to move forward – for records. Maybe at first you do not pass a large and several bridges, but a little training and the result will not take long. As assured us developers play Bog Racer can be up to 200 bridge (one bridge overcome equates to one point), “were themselves”. I wonder to what the bridge turn to reach you. Write your best score in the comments: look who’s the coolest.

Let’s summarize. Bog Racer – a fascinating “time-killer” with an unusual game mechanics. It is possible that Bog Racer, at the moment, is one of the most challenging games of the genre, that only can be found in the App Store. For the company-developer – Open Name – data race is the second game in the portfolio. The first game – Cut the Buttons – likely known to many of our readers, has sold in excess of seven million units. Cool. Think Bog Racer waiting spectacular success, we wish the guys good luck.

Title: Bog Racer
Publisher / Developer: Open Name Ltd
Price: Free
Built-purchase: No
Compatibility: Universal app
Link: Set


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