[App Store] Plant Nanny – funny plants remind of water




[App Store] Plant Nanny – funny plants remind of water

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Regardless of one’s physique any person known to seventy percent of water. No prizes for guessing that water – a vital “product” for each of us. And if your meals can be limited to two or three a day, with water to do the impossible. For a good metabolism and maintain the necessary balance in your body you need to drink plenty of fluids. Ideally, of course, drink plain water. Do not tap and bottled. And the best roads, the quality will be better. But you can pamper yourself with various drinks, if only more fluid.

Most likely, the importance of the use of such water well aware of everything. No wonder that schools teach biology, where the talk is about the same. Another question that everyone knows but few drinks daily volume of fluid required. Some can not follow such standards simply because they do not know exactly how much you need to drink at their weight and daily activity. But most certainly, just lazy. Laziness – generally the biggest reason that gets in the way for any purpose.

Plant NannyPlant Nanny

Plant Nanny – a fun app that will motivate you to drink the right amount of fluids during the day. Application is somewhat like a once beloved by many game “Tamagotchi”. Here, too, will need to take care of the selected character, but there is a small caveat: all the characters – a variety of plants. Why – now understand.

Plant NannyPlant Nanny

But before you start the main game process, you must specify information about their weight and daily activity. Data are needed for the application can calculate for you the necessary amount of liquid. Each figure will be his. And, of course, if your weight or schedule changes, you can make adjustments to the settings to the application recalculated daily rate of fluid.

Plant NannyPlant Nanny

The next step – to choose their plants. Available, unfortunately, are not all at once, but still a decent choice. You can select either the plant itself and the pot in which it will grow. For each of the plants is given a small description of the selection will be made so difficult, although the eyes diverge.

Plant NannyPlant Nanny

Then everything is simple. Every time you drink any amount of fluid come into the application and choose a mug, cup, glass or even a bottle of specifying the desired amount. Same amount of water you water your plant. Over watering, you’ll earn points needed to get new levels. With each new level the plant will grow in size and water needs.

Plant NannyPlant Nanny

The app will keep a history of your water you drink. Due to the fact that you are drinking, and the plant will change. Do not forget to drink water and to water plants, or the application itself will remind you of this. Periodically, you will be able to complete his collection of cute and friendly plants and pots in which they grow. In addition, plants can be shared with friends on Facebook .

Plant Nanny – a great app for those who want to force yourself to drink every day, the required amount of liquid. Please do not forget about it – it’s important. Application so a well-established, that could take a leading place in the App Store in several countries, it means: it can be safely trusted.

Title: Plant Nanny
Publisher / Developer: Fourdesire
Price: Free
Built purchase: There
Compatibility: For iPhone
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