Apple FBI does not go before the judge to determine hacking method




Apple will not sue the FBI to demand that the service reveals how the last month the iPhone 5c San Bernadino-shooter Syed Farook creaked. That is a matter that Apple probably will not win and the vulnerability remains probably not long exist.

The statements made ​​by an anonymous Apple lawyer facing include Ars Technica. Which states that the company does not know whether it is a software or a hardware hack and that it did not understand why the hack would work on an iPhone running iOS 5c 9. The FBI has bought the hack, possibly with the Israeli company Cellebrite.

Although the US is in some cases vulnerabilities will provide the software and hardware technology prize to the developer, does that not in all cases. Any vulnerability that reveals the state, it can not use, after all, to tackle issues like crime and terrorism behind the scenes. Thus is created a case by case assessment. That the US government established in the Vulnerabilities Equities Process.

The FBI was involved until the end of March in a legal battle with Apple. The service was unable to crack the security of the iPhone 5c Syed Farook. Farook shot in December 14 people dead in an office building in San Bernadino. The FBI wanted the judge ordered Apple to write new firmware that caused the FBI to gain access to the smartphone. Apple refused because the implementation of such a back door leads to the same vulnerabilities in numerous other devices. The FBI dropped the matter abruptly end of March fall because it has managed to crack the security on the phone without Apple’s help.

The FBI is on other fronts still struggle with Apple the cooperation of the company. In a case in New York, the FBI appealed, revealed Friday. It is in this case not the iPhone a terrorist, but that of a drug dealer. A lower court had already decided in favor of Apple. Judges in the US cities of Boston and Baltimore have recently done in other criminal cases rulings in the FBI advantage. That letter The Register and the Boston Herald. Apple is likely to appeal in those cases.

Apple is trying to avoid the legal battles that there is created a so-called precedent. When a court is judging the FBI advantage and Apple recommends to crack his own security, the FBI can in subsequent similar cases refer to that earlier victory in the courtroom, which in turn new successes in this area work in hand. Possibly the US Congress, however, carries new, more modern legislation before it comes to that. However, that is no guarantee that the issue favorable for Apple; Friday leaked also an early version of a bill that makes illegal in essence, strong encryption and requires technology companies will be obliged to cooperate with authorities such as the FBI, no matter what the consequences would be on a larger scale. Who the authors of the proposal, is not known and the proposal has not officially submitted at this time.


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