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That Apple’s iPhone in 2007 has proved a huge success since its introduction, no one will argue with that. Thanks to the smartphone Apple saw its turnover skyrocket and because the company has a wide margin on the devices know to make profits also rose rapidly. The growth in the year 2013, however, there is pretty much out. There are still many iPhones sold, but the market share at in the last few years, apart from quarterly fluctuations, fairly stable. Android continues to grow, however, and especially in the low end is the dominant operating system from Google.

When the first rumors appeared that Apple would come up with a cheaper iPhone consensus was that Apple allows the midrange segment of the market would operate, in order to get more market share and compete with for example the HTC One mini or Galaxy S4 Mini. When it appeared that the phone would be plastic and the first pictures of that online simple plastic design came too speculate on the price. Started people What would it cost? 399 euros? 499 euros? More’re not sure?

Apple has the cheaper iPhone unveiled at a press event and it’s not quite what many would have expected from them. The iPhone 5c is indeed a plastic casing and looks less high-end than the iPhone 5, but he is still well on the price. There are currently no known official prices for the Netherlands, but is the 16GB model costs 599 euros, in the rest of Europe more than you should now resign for an iPhone 5, which now costs at some merchants well below 600 euros.

The iPhone 5c is certainly not a cheap iPhone, but what is it? We hurried after the presentation to the demo room to that question to find an answer.

Housing: aluminum to plastic

IPhones are among the most expensive phones that you can buy and that has a number of reasons. Apple uses natural high-end components and as said the company is big margins, but it is mainly the construction and housing in which a lot of time and money goes down. In the Apple iPhone 4 for the first time realized that the housing could be used as amplifier for the antenna and at the iPhone 5 and 5s, use is made of anodized aluminum in combination with glass strips at the top and bottom deployed. That’s a bit more complicated to make than a simple plastic case. Incidentally, Apple still used under the plastic housing a metal frame that serves as an antenna.

iPhone 5c

It is therefore no wonder that Apple has this cut near the iPhone 5c. The housing is made of polycarbonate and looks a bit like the latest generation iPod touch, combined with a touch and a bit Lumia Samsung Galaxy. Viewed from the front, the iPhone 5c not much different than an iPhone 5 or 5s, most of the front is occupied by the 4 “screen and below is to find the familiar round home button Turn the phone however, you see. you the differences.
iPhone 5c iPhone 5c iPhone 5c iPhone 5c

First is that the back is made of one piece and not three different elements, such as the iPhone 5. In addition, the phone much rounder finished, unlike the hard lines and edges of the iPhone 4, 4s and 5. Although he is only a few millimeters larger than the 5 and 5s, the 5c feels because of the rounded finish slightly different. Ergonomically, we prefer the round shapes of the 5c, but it feels polycarbonate on the other hand much cheaper than the metal of the iPhone 5 and 5s.

iPhone 5c

Many people will consider it important that their expensive smartphone also high-end looks and high-end feel. That is the 5c, although Apple claims at high and low, is not the case. There is basically nothing wrong with a polycarbonate casing, but combined with the brilliant finish and different colors just do it a little cheap. He also lacks the precision and fine details of a normal iPhone. You can agree or not, but for some owners iPhones are also a status symbol and at that level the scores 5c less than regular iPhones.

The simple polycarbonate housing also has a potential advantage; iPhone 5c is probably the strongest iPhone at times. There is no glass on the back that can crack and no aluminum that can scratch. Who so clumsy with his phone and often drop it, with a 5c may be better off than with a more expensive iPhone.

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Many colors and many cases

Henry Ford once said, “Any customer can have a car painted any color That he wants so long as it is black”. That was pretty much the philosophy of Apple in recent years, though you could also get the iPhone in white. Other colors were not there and the accessories that Apple itself released also were not in color. With the Apple iPhone 5c changes course completely and put the manufacturer fully on colors, patterns, styling and people who want to determine. Appearance of their phone

The 5c will be available in white, pink, yellow, blue and green and all the colors are pretty bright implemented, contributing to the slightly cheap look. But it did not stop, Apple also comes with another special case containing holes, where the intention is to opt for a contrasting color to the original color is also good to see. And to top it off, the phone comes with a matching colored wallpaper. Especially with such a case seems to be the back of the 5c or a game of four in a row.
iPhone 5c

We understand that there is a target group consists of people who want to customize the look of their phone just look at how many people already walking around with a crazy looking case, but the combination of 5c with the new case we can not really call it beautiful. Tastes differ, but we believe Apple beaten by a bit. There’s nothing wrong with color, a little shine and a funky case, but the 5c and accessories seems to balance search.

Same hardware as the iPhone 5

Who is afraid that Apple has the iPhone 5c much skimped on the hardware, relieved, because the inside and a little outside, the iPhone 5c virtually identical to the iPhone 5. The cheaper iPhone 4 features the famous “screen with a resolution of 1136×640 pixels, which is still one of the best smartphone screens on the market, as evidenced by the fact that Apple used for the 5s.

Apple A6 The 5c is powered by Apple’s A6-soc, same chip as the iPhone 5. This is based on the ARM V7s architecture and makes use of a self-designed core design, called Swift. In total, two of these cores are present, both of which tap at 1.3 GHz. The GPU buy Apple as usual in at imaginaton Technologies, it is the PowerVR SGX 543MP3. He’s probably just as with the iPhone 5 coupled with 1GB RAM.

Also, the camera does not change. Apple still uses the same 8-megapixel sensor with backside illumination. The sensor is covered with a f/2.4-lens which is composed of five lens elements.

Although the iPhone 5 is already a year old, he can still come in terms of speed with the current high-end and 5c have therefore certainly not be ashamed that he uses the same hardware. The device feels fast as expected and thanks to the fine size and large screen is simply nice to work with.

Technically, the 5c not entirely identical to the old iPhone 5. Where the latter because not all LTE networks in the Netherlands could handle, due to lack of support for the 800MHz band, the 5c that fortunately. Finally,

The iPhone 5c is not cheap iPhone for the masses that we might have secretly. Somewhat expected With a suggested retail price of 599 euros it is more expensive than the iPhone 5 at the moment and he is definitely in the high-end segment of the smartphone market. He gets competition from devices such as the HTC One and Galaxy S4 also performed in shiny plastic of Samsung.

The message behind the other new iPhone, the 5s, clearly, Apple put it in the market as the phone with the fastest parts, the best screen, the best case and the best finish. That is why people are willing to pay so much money. Before However, the message behind the 5c is less clear; appearance makes you think it’s a mid-range phone, but the price tells a different story.

We therefore do not really know what to do with the iPhone 5c. In some ways he is as good, if not better than the iPhone 5. He has the same hardware, support for more LTE bands and the housing is probably better able to withstand rough handling. However, the iPhone 5 is already a year old and 5c can in terms of materials and workmanship not at par with that phone, which makes it strange that Apple is so high with the price.

It is clear that Apple with the 5c wants to address a new target group but we wonder whether the group really like with pink case want a yellow phone, is willing to be there for deposit. More than 600 euro Especially if that phone does not look or feel like other phones in the same price range.

We have two new phones now seen and used and for 100 euro extra seems the new 5s much more for your to offer with its super fast soc, fingerprint scanner and improved camera money. The iPhone 5c is not bad, but in this very high price category he does not belong to us. Feeling

iPhone 5c

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