Apple is developing an enhanced reality camera




and plans to integrate technology with future iPhone phones

Apple has taken serious steps to rely on augmented reality technology in future products, whether by adding features based on this technology in the next generation of iPhone smartphones, or by launching special glasses that work with this technology.

A report by Bloomberg revealed some of Apple’s steps to provide products that work in the near future. The company has formed a team led by Mike Rockwell, vice president of Dolby, a former equipment and technology firm, who joined Apple in 2015 .

Apple has built a team of software engineers and hardware professionals to implement its enhanced reality technology strategy. The team includes experience in developing and manufacturing products for enhanced and virtual reality, Bloomberg said. The team includes elements working at Oracle and other elements that have developed Hololins glasses for Microsoft, as well as engineers specializing in Hollywood influences.

Bloomberg said Apple supported the technology and elements of companies it acquired over the past few years, including companies specializing in the field of enhanced reality equipment, 3D gaming and virtual reality software.

Bloomberg said Apple’s team is developing several products based on enhanced reality technology, including digital glasses that can be wirelessly connected to iPhone phones, phones that will broadcast content such as movies, videos or maps on these glasses. The team also works on technologies that can be integrated In future iPhone phones.

A previous report confirmed that Apple plans to support its upcoming smartphone, the iPhone 8, with a front camera with revolutionary technology can detect the environment of the shots, which are depicted in the phone, in a three-dimensional, using an infrared sensor unit, allowing the camera to take three-dimensional images , And use in several other applications such as face recognition, recognition of the user’s iris, and to create accurate 3D models for the user, and can be used extensively in enhanced reality applications.

In the new front-end camera system, Apple will use image integration algorithms developed by Prime Sense, a company it acquired in 2013, algorithms that will help the camera capture and determine the dimensions of the image rather than simply capturing it in 2D.

Bloomberg said the iPhone camera development team at Apple is developing new features based on enhanced reality technology, including a feature that allows the user to take a picture and then change the depth of the shot or a specific item in the image. The user can delete a specific item in the image or manage a 180 degree , And other features that the team works on is the ability to add some elements or default effects to the image.

Bloomberg added that Apple’s strategy is to develop appropriate content for its enhanced reality products, and to provide these products with appropriate technical specifications to ensure that the technology works without problems, including a special operating system for glasses and high-capacity batteries in iPhone phones to overcome the expected high power consumption when connected. Glasses with phones, and all besides offering these products at a convenient price to ensure their spread.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, believes that enhanced reality technology will be more successful than virtual reality technology, and that it is a technology that can be relied upon by its company to control the smart product market.

Studies estimate that the market size of the enhanced reality products will rise to about US $ 165 billion by 2024, a study previously published by Global Market Insights.

The analyst, who is well-known for his accuracy of expectations about Apple, Meng Shi Koo, has confirmed that Apple intends to expand in the future use of enhanced reality technology, combining it with the rear cameras in a range of iPhone handsets as well as front cameras, the company relies on this technology to strengthen the position Its devices in the market in front of Android phones.

Apple plans to unveil the iPhone 8 with two other phones later this year, the phone that is expected to have a 5.8-inch OLED display with 520 pixels per inch and support wireless charging, With a thin-edged glass structure.


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