Apple Prohibits Ads That Follow Users




For the second time in many years, Internet advertisers face unprecedented disruption to their business models thanks to a new feature in the latest version of Apple’s iOS 11 operating system, which is expected to reach users’ devices on Tuesday, By default for a Safari web browser called Intelligent Tracking Prevention.

The new anti-tracking feature prevents some websites from tracking users across the network, obscuring those annoying ads that users follow everywhere they visit, and the anti-trace feature is supposed to reach Apple’s computers on September 25, As part of the High Sierra High Sierra upgrade of the MacOS system, the Safari browser is used by 14.9 percent of all Internet users according to StatCounter data.

Six major federations have sent an open letter to Apple expressing deep concern about how it is being implemented and asking Apple to rethink its plan that could disrupt the value-added digital media and advertising system, which today funds a lot of content and services Digital.

The process of tracking users across the Internet is a sensitive issue for the work of many of the ad networks, and this is done by cookies, small text files placed on the computer, which was originally created to allow sites to mark and identify people who logged on the site, Advertisers can create a detailed picture of people’s browsing history and use that information to get more accurate ads and target the right people through ads.

Many cookies are known as “third parties”, because the site they downloaded does not control them, and they can be blocked by browsers, but advertisers use cookies called “first party”, which are uploaded by the site Which the user visits and is updated on the go in all the network bends.

Blocking these files stops many other aspects of the Internet that users expect to work with, such as the ability to log on to sites using Facebook or Twitter account passwords. The new Safari feature uses an automated learning model to handle this, First-party cookies are identified, third-party cookies are blocked after one day, and the device is completely cleaned up after a month, which means that advertisers are largely able to track visits by Safari browser users.

This algorithm has prompted six US advertising agencies, including the Interactive Advertising Office and the National Advertisers Association, to write a letter to Apple indicating that the modern Internet infrastructure is based on generally consistent and generally applicable cookie standards, which allows For digital businesses to innovate to build content, services and ads that are customized to users and remember their visits.

Apple’s new feature within the Safari browser is breaking these standards and replacing them with an unambiguous set of switch rules that would hurt the user experience and ruin the economic model of the Internet. Apple responded by saying that ad tracking technology has become so rampant that ad tracking companies Re-create the majority of people’s web browsing history, collect this information without permission, and track ads to people online.


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