Apple released the first Mac computer 30 years ago




Apple released the first Mac computer 30 years ago

It’s Friday thirty years ago that Apple Macintosh introduced . Apple’s system was the first consumer computer for a relatively low price to be had and who had a graphical interface. The popularity of the mouse began with the Macintosh.

The introduction of the first Macintosh, which was later given the suffix 128K, took place on January 24, 1984 in a keynote of Steve Jobs and the same day the sale started. The launch was initiated two days earlier by a striking promotional video which was directed by Ridley Scott, which was inspired by the book in 1984, taking PC powerhouse IBM as Big Brother was referred indirectly.

The price of the Macintosh 128K was $ 2495 at the time and purpose of Apple was to bring the common man was within reach. A computer For that money, the consumer got a system with a monochrome 9 “screen with resolution of 512×342 pixels and a ppi value of 72, as long a desktop publishing standard was and is still seen by some as a kind of standard for images on the web.

Apple Macintosh 128K

The computer contained a Motorola MC68000 processor, which ran at 8MHz and which for that time was very fast and for years would do service. There was also a 3.5 “floppy drive and a memory was 128KB. This amount appeared to many programs a bottleneck, allowing Apple in September 1984 was forced to make. A more expensive version with 512KB In October 1984 Apple stopped Sales of the Macintosh 128K.

Apple Macintosh 128K advertising Steve Jobs with Apple Macintosh 128K

Macintosh brought a number of innovations to the market for consumer computers. So the Macintosh with Mac OS the first consumer computer with a graphical interface that Apple continues embroidered on his own Lisa OS, which was in turn inspired by an interface that was developed Xerox Parc. The mouse has its origins at Xerox Parc and Apple was there early, since this component is to standard accessory of the computer become.

There followed in the eighties and nineties, several Macintosh versions, and also appeared in 1990, the Macintosh Portable, an early laptop which was then followed by portable PowerBooks. Halfway nineties, Apple also made the transition from Motorola processors to chips based on the PowerPC architecture. It did not help in the battle with the PC, thanks to the low prices became more popular, while the Macintosh lost favor and Apple’s survival at risk.

Macintosh Portable

With brightly colored iMac all-in-one, in the late nineties, Apple took the road to success again. The G4 successor was characterized by its spherical base and the G5 version Apple introduced the all-in-one design like that still applies, with the housing behind the screen. The PowerBook laptop evolved from the iBook to the MacBook and also carry the workstations with successively ‘Power Mac and Mac Pro’ is still the Mac display. In addition, Apple expanded its product portfolio in 2005 with the small desktop computer Mac mini, which has had. Moreover, since the end of 2012 no update

Evolutie van de iMac

Contain all Macs since 2006 Intel processors instead of PowerPC CPUs, and in the period since that year manufacturer increasing aluminum and minimalist design to be fit. The Macintosh name is no longer used since 1998 and is also the name of the Mac operating system is deleted, but given the large number of different systems that are under the Mac flag appears, Apple will probably keep naming a time honored.

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