Apple TV: From hobby to Smart TV Killer?




Good old Apple TV. Years ago, introduced by Steve Jobs as a hobby for years reason for speculation surrounding Apple’s entry into the highly competitive TV market. Now, a small change in Apple’s online store provides again for speculation about the little box that brings so much potential. The Apple TV is listed as a separate category since the last update Online Store. But what is to come? What seems clear is that Apple will not publish a complete TV, so together with screen – at least not so quickly. But clearly also seems that something new comes to this product.


Apple is currently working on a new version of the set-top box that can also deal with future apps will. And there are unconfirmed rumors about additional features that provide plenty of room for speculation. So is a version of the now in test boxes located Apple TV and Airport Express unite, so have your own 802.11ac router on board. Should result in a benefit, as the box will no longer have to connect to an external router, especially when transmitting video. If, however, at the same time also mean that probably can not be maintained, the low starting price of Apple TV.

Even as a game console is to serve the new box. Also makes sense, the conditions for a quick success are already in place. Connection to the iTunes Store, iPhone or iPad could be used as a controller, maybe Apple could even make its own controller (similar to the MFi controllers for iPhone and iPod Touch). Can already be made to stream some games on the Apple TV while something else is displayed on the sending unit. Sounds plausible and for casual gamers that would certainly be a very interesting thing.

A third rumor says the new version of the Apple TV by its own TV tuner. Would mean that the television signal is transferred from the Apple TV to the TV and thus also its own surface would be available. The TV itself would then serve only as a display. This feature would make the Apple TV much more than a hobby and Apple say, handed over the living room. Smart TV functions? Come on Apple TV. Recordings? Be controlled via Apple TV. Program information? Apple TV of course. Additional content through media libraries? How about this get through the Apple TV?

The last point should any Smart TV manufacturers chasing a cold shiver down the spine. Whether you like it or not Apple, you can hardly deny well that Apple with every product delivers a very customer-friendly concept. From Hatern often called golden cage, felt by the masses as well thought everyday solution. In the area of ​​Smart TV you really looking for satisfying solutions so far usually in vain, even if all manufacturers strive and often go well with innovative concepts at the start.

But when comes because actually the new generation of Apple TV? Tim Cook promised for this year’s new product categories, with the Apple TV is the first “new” already arrived category in the online store, the only thing missing to the new product. Whether the new edition now in March (my personal guess), comes in June for WWDC or until the autumn, so far only Apple knows. The tech disciples wait yes also looking forward to a SmartWatch, a bigger iPhone and an iPad Pro is still in the room. It is very unlikely that Apple all new products released at one time. As an Apple TV would do with fundamentally new features certainly good to gain time for other products.

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