Apple unveiled at WWDC 2013?




Apple unveiled at WWDC 2013?

WWDC 2013

The long-awaited opening of the WWDC 2013 was held. On stage there was Apple’s CEO and thanked the developers for their work. Those wishing to see for Tim Cook and the products that have been presented by his aides, it was so much that all the tickets were sold out for the presentation a little more than a minute. To be more precise: in 71 seconds! Despite the wishes or hours iWatch, no television to us at the opening of WWDC 2013 is not shown. But have presented a new OS X, iOS, and taught Siri male voice say. Not to mention the new MacBook Air and Mac Pro in a futuristic building. Despite the lack of much-coveted new mobile devices, the presentation was very eventful. However, first things first.

Tim Cook at WWDC 2013 highlighted the achievements of Apple

Открытие WWDC 2013

This is the twenty-fourth conference WWDC. It gathered visitors from 60 countries, two thirds of them attended the event for the first time. Led her company’s CEO Tim Cook, but he basically sounded just numbers. Products represented by other members of the leadership Apple.

Special pride in kupertinovskoy cause of her famous retail stores Apple Store, which is visited daily by over a million people. Many of them come there to learn how to use modern technology. Now 14 countries are 407 stores Apple.

Berlin Apple Store is a true miracle of architecture. It is located in the building of one of the oldest theaters in the German capital, which for a hundred years. The theater is located in the same building, but separated from the store. During the year, Apple is going to hold a series of activities in the building.

It is time to take stock, and CEO kupertinovskoy Corporation proudly noted that the iMac desktop computer has become number one in the United States, and MacBook holds the first place among laptops. Over the past five years, the growth Mac platform was 100% and the PC – only 18%. But beyond the statistics opening WWDC 2013 was marked important announcements.
Operating system OS X Mavericks

Открытие WWDC 2013

28 million copies of the operating system Mountain Lion was bought for the entire period of its presence in the market. She has broken all sales records operating systems Apple. Mountain Lion went on about 35% of users of Mac, at the time, as only 5% of the adherents of the most widespread in the world of computer operating system upgrade to Windows 8.

Then came on stage Craig Federighi (Craig Federighi) and began to slowly but surely carry on a conversation in the direction of the new version of OS X. In the course of his speech sounded a joke about the fact that another platform for the Mac will be “Sea Lion”. There was even this failed logototip operating system.

But it turned out that the users of the legendary “Mac” at WWDC 2013 showed OS X Mavericks. The word «Mavericks» valued. It can be translated as “individualist”. This is the name in common with the old advertising slogan of «Think Different!» («Think different!”). Another allusion to the fact that Mac users are a special group of consumers of digital technology.

In OS X Mavericks kupertinovskaya Corporation has finally realized the support for full-screen mode, the lack of which for so long lamented “makovody.” There are also tags. Document (as it is recorded) can be associated with a particular tag, and it will be displayed in the sidebar (sidebar) Finder.

Tags are supported not only locally, but also in the iCloud. This means that you can search by tags files stored both on your Mac, as well as cloud storage.

Significantly improved support for multiple monitors. Now for each display can be formed their own working environment. The connected TV HDTV via AirPlay can serve as a full-fledged computer monitor.

During the presentation, it was shown how each monitor can be displayed on the application that is open in full screen mode. Truly impressive demonstration of the new features.

Battery performance is optimized function «App Nap», which is watching, so that applications do not use vain processor resources. Reduced load on the processor in the new operating system by 72%.

Inactive applications are not pushed out of the memory to the hard disk as it was before. In the Mavericks are “compressed” directly in memory. This improves productivity of 1.4 times, even considering the fact that drives SSD-operate quickly. It is about overcoming the negative effect that is called “pumping”. This topic a few days ago, we have devoted a review.
Safari Web browser

Открытие WWDC 2013

Safari performance has increased substantially, and now, according to Craig, referring to the test SunSpider, 1.44 times greater than that of Chrome. Browser Apple’s cost (as compared with similar applications) uses memory. Scrolling long pages fast and smooth. Tab can now be saved with one click and share it in a “tweet.”

iCloud Keychain allows you to store user accounts to Web services, Wi-Fi networks and other passwords to which the AES-encryption. Payment cards also remain, but without the security code. Thus, 1Password was replaced by iCloud Keychain.

Improved “Notifications» («Notifications»). Post to Twitter can now be sent through the “Notifications”. Through this service you can delete e-mail messages and perform repeated calls FaceTime. Now you can receive notifications iOS not only on the iPhone, but with a Mac.
Maps and Books

Now you can send a route from your computer to your phone. The application iBooks, familiar to users iOS-devices, and now it’s on the Mac. It opens up a real connoisseur of literature, access to a library containing 1.8 million digital books.

By default, iBooks uses a two-page interface. The entire image evenly, shading pages does not apply. You can add “marginal notes” and make selections of text. Your notes are displayed in the sidebar of the expansion window.

iBooks is one of the applications in the operating system OS X Mavericks, a preliminary version of which is already available to developers.
New Mac

Открытие WWDC 2013

Then Phil Schiller showed visitors the WWDC 2013 presentation of the new computers. Refreshed line of MacBook Air, which is now based on the processor «Haswell» and its graphics processor (GPU) boasts twice the speed. This reduces the load on the battery, and a 40% speed graphics processing.

The 11-inch model works without reloading 9:00 (instead of 5 as it was before), and the 13-inch as much as 12 hrs (instead of seven, which have the energy in the battery the previous model). A single charge, according to Phil Schiller, enough to fully see the entire trilogy “The Lord of the Rings.”

Network performance Wi-Fi 802.11ac standard was higher by three times. It is about the theoretical limit of performance. The new base station AirPort Base Station has become smaller. Time Capsule can boast of its ability to store 2 or 3 (depending on model) terabyte (that is thousands of gigabytes) of data.

Price of the new MacBook Air 2013 release with 128 GB of storage: the 11-inch version – 999 USD, 13-inch version – 1099 U.S. dollars.

Mac Pro for many years been a favorite tool for creative people. Designers, photographers, musicians and those who are engaged in processing of video content. At WWDC 2013 Mac Pro has found a cylindrical shape. A powerful new computer as it came from the pages of fiction books. Mac Pro 2013 was greeted with a standing ovation of the public.

It is based on a 12-core 256-bit processor Intel Xeon. His ECC-Memory: DDR3 with a frequency of 1.866 MHz and a capacity of 60 gigabits per second. Speed ​​reading his flash drive is 10 times faster than any hard disk previous Mac Pro. It is 1.25 gigabits per second.

Another miracle of technology: the second version of the Thunderbolt. Each port can be connected to six devices. Its capacity is 20 gigabytes per second. Thunderbolt 2 presented at WWDC 2013 is backward compatible with its predecessor. This is the first Mac in history, which comes with two graphics processors, AMD FirePro.

OpenCL boasts a capacity of 7 teraflops (trillion floating point operations per second), which means that support for 4K-panel displays. Among the many professional computer connectors latest four-port USB 3. Mac Pro will go on sale later this year. Compared with its predecessors, it has become more powerful, more compact and looks much more stylish. It should be noted that these computers are assembled in the USA.
Cloud service iCloud

Tim Cook returned to the stage to talk about the achievements of cloud service iCloud. This service has 300 million registered accounts. To achieve this target, the famous social network Facebook took five years. In the Game Center 240 million users. According to reports, sent 800 billion messages and iMessages 7.4 trillion notifications.

IWork office suite for enlarged version of iCloud. They will be able to take advantage of not only the owners of Mac, but those who prefer a PC. They will also get the opportunity to work with text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in the “epplovskih clouds.” Cloud iWork opens in a browser window. It is known that supports Safari, Internet Explorer and Chrome. Images can be dragged into the cloud document from the computer.
iOS 7 shown at WWDC 2013

Открытие WWDC 2013

As of this moment has sold a total of 600 million iOS-devices. It’s not just about the blockbuster iPhone and iPad, but iPods iPod touch. As at the time of the WWDC 2012 this figure was only about 365 million devices.

The share of iOS-devices account for 60% of mobile web traffic, and only 24% remains the “android” devices. 97% of users are satisfied with their iOS-devices. 73% of them are very happy. For comparison: Windows Phone boasts 53% of satisfied users; Android – 49 percent; BlackBerry – thirty-two.

But enough of statistics! It’s time to talk about the most significant update to the famous mobile platform in its history. iOS 7 introduced the audience personally Jonathan Ive. His design for the new operating system firmware iDevaysov like the very first “iPhone”, presented by the great Steve Jobs back in 2007.

Connoisseurs can argue whether they like a strict and “flat” interface, which has become devoid of the usual convexity. But it felt the hands of masters. iOS 7 is very beautiful in its minimalism. The icons are flat, and the new color palette is very rich.

The home screen has become “three-dimensional”. Rotate the phone and you will see that the icons are rotated, and “wallpaper” are like away from you. Finally, iOS 7 gained true multitasking.

Craig came back and showed the audience the possibility of iOS 7. Unlock the screen even easier: now you just need to “svaypnut” to the right.

Game Center is also completely changed. Weather app now graphically displays the state of nature around. If it snows outside, you see him walking in the appendix. Yes, the “flat” interface opens with an unexpected side reasonableness of graphics solutions.

In the “Calendar” can move from date to date with the “svaypinga.” In the landscape (landscape) scan screen you see all week.

“Svaypnuv” from the bottom up, you get access to the management of a number of features, including Wi-Fi, switching to airplane mode and brightness.

The new camera interface includes a built-in filters and “svayping” between controls photos and videos. Photos can be grouped according to the time of creation and geographic lines. Share videos can now be removed with the help of iCloud Photo Sharing.

iOS 7 is supported by iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini, and iPod touch fifth generation. Owners of devices that have been released before, alas, will not be able to view the new mobile platform for Apple.
Siri male voice spoke

Открытие WWDC 2013

Eddy Cue showed the visitors the opening WWDC 2013 Siri. It is hard to tell which way is now possible for her (it?) Speak. After all, the user can select a male voice Siri. Added support for French and German. As for other languages, that they “will appear in due course.”

At the request of member Siri can play voice mail, include Bluetooth and increase the brightness (probably reduce it, it is also able to). Now it is integrated with the “Twitter”, “wikipedia” and Bing.

Siri assistant gradually converted to motorists. Learn to call her at the request of the driver, showing the direction, reproduce commissioned scores and read incoming messages. Eddy Cue believes that Siri brilliant automotive future. Already in 2014 voice assistant will be compatible with the machines sixteen producers.
The App Store

In the App Store an opportunity to view a list of applications that are popular “near you”. It is difficult to say how widespread the notion of “nearby.” Whether it’s a city or a fairly large region? From now on App Store updates all your applications automatically.
Music Player

Let’s look at an updated music player. Select an artist and you will see all his songs in your collection are available, both on the device and in the cloud storage. In landscape orientation (landscape) mode, you will see all your existing albums as a square icon. By choosing one of them, you can start playing it.
iTunes Radio

Открытие WWDC 2013

The new service is a new way of listening to music. It is built directly into the music application. You can switch between stations, and even search for that station, which currently plays the songs of your favorite band. Song that you like you can buy.

Service is free, but it shows advertising banners. ITunes Match subscribers can enjoy the music without advertising. iTunes Radio begins to work in the United States and in other countries will only “over time.”
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Next Appendix for iOS: high technology in your pocket!
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