April 1: CERN discovery does, watch YouTube with Snoop Dogg and more




It’s the funniest day of the year: either April 1st. Even tech companies do their best to gullible online for the fool. A selection of the tech jokes that we have come Friday.

Researchers at CERN have an important discovery made ​​. Through data obtained using the LHC to be converted into sound, they discovered that the Higgs boson particle has a very familiar sound.

Google is committed as always the crown when it comes to funny jokes 1 April. The Cardboard Plastic is the world’s first Actual Reality goggles and follows the familiar cardboard glasses. Meanwhile doing research on Google Fiber Giga Quad connections and there is an explanation became available for developers of Android apps to make it suitable for use in space.

In Australia, Google will work with socks manufacturers and Searchable Socks release, which are equipped with LTE beacons. Mismatch Ende socks couples should be thing of the past, because pressing the beacon causes the second sock can be easily retrieved. Google Netherlands spared no expense with the introduction of a self-propelled bicycle, which of course is presented in Amsterdam.

YouTube SnoopAvision announces a revolutionary new approach method that makes it possible to watch movies with Snoop Dogg in a virtual theater. The technique works on a select number of movies in 2081 but comes to the whole YouTube.

The developers of The Witcher 3 show in an enlarged video see everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Roach, the horse in the game. The head of the Department of Bug Creation explains how it is working hard to solve all the problems perfection of the game. Bug-designers using motion capture specific movements of the horse in the game Learn to adapt.

Bandai Namco has announced Dark Souls III The Movie. The film comes out April 12 on videotape. Blizzard also has news: the game maker announced on The MMO: Hearthstone. Who wants to play games a little quick to lap up the new energy drink from Nvidia: Geforce GTX Energy . A can contain as much as 980mg of caffeine. Drink up, game on!

Lenovo comes with PawPad , the first product in a new line of appliances designed specifically for our four-legged friends. The PawPad features a Panther 919-soc and runs on Curtains 10. There is a camera with a fisheye lens available and the unit has mauw recognition. The battery lasts up to nine lives. The 13 “screen is fitted with Jaguar Glass.


Other hardware manufacturers introduce new equipment today. Cooler Manufacturer Cryorig comes with the Air Fan VR : a super cool Sun glasses equipped with fans and heat pipes. Razer announces Project Breadwinner his Razer Toaster on. The toaster is equipped with three USB ports and is the Razer logo in your bammetjes. OnePlus brings the Sandstone technology that used in the housings of the OnePlus One- and two smartphones for everyday products such as soaps, sneakers and mugs.

Air Fan VR

Who on Friday will visit the homepage of Pornhub for a change to see a page that indeed is safe for work. But beware: after a single mouse click is the “safe” Cornhub changed again in the familiar with filthy movies.


Sony announces its Proton Pack to, after more than thirty years of development. The device has a superconducting synchrotron where ghosts can be caught with it. Coincidentally, the backpack with all kinds of technology we know of Sony’s cameras, TVs and projectors. Also coincidentally, a new Ghostbusters film this year from July 14.

Cloud Provider Tilaa comes with AAAS: fobbed off as a Service . The service is designed to put off annoying telemarketers. The afscheepservice is free to try out by calling 085303033. A practical test of Tweakers that the service is working effectively.

Fiberglass provider Tweak gives customers the possibility to choose what color light passes through their fiber. There are seven distinctive colors available, challenging each with its own statement. The Fiber Color are governed by the local exchange using a special laser.

fiber Color

H & M presents the Mark Zuckerberg-collection: a set of seven gray shirt and jeans. Samsung also does something with trousers; Korean electronics giant comes up with the Internet or Trousers , the first in a line of iot-fashion products.

In Japan, Google introduced the Furikku keyboard. The advanced keyboard makes it possible to not only the right to press the keys, but they are also oblique to operate. This again makes a number of combinations as possible so that all of the Japanese characters can be formed with only a small number of keys.

MSI comes with a very handy modular motherboard: The One . It is possible to change the socket and so there can be switched eg from AMD to Intel. Furthermore, there is support for memory every conceivable generations and, moreover, all modules are sealed against moisture.

MSI The One

Humble Bundle sells on Friday a bundle with special fonts: Halfvetica, Sans Sans and Unicharacter. Who more than 41 cents pays also get Cosmic Sans. Enter the bundle authors more money than average and you get Bike Courier, After Impact and Times Old Roman on.

Cosmic Sans

Not all first April fool’s jokes were received equally well. So Google went missing this year with a “Drop Mic’ button in Gmail. The button was placed next to the submit button and when users clicked on it was added a gif to the mail, and archived the entire conversation. Due to a bug the poison file also came into regular emails and several people say they thereby got into trouble. Google pulled the failed joke then quickly back and apologized.

The joke in his latest Cyanogen CyanogenMod nightly implemented was not at all well received. The update ensures that the letters MOD for each word to be put into the ROM.


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