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The first April. The day on which you have to be tended skeptical. Everyone – but everyone really wants to tell you something. Outrageous stories, some so obscure that they can adhere to the truth once again. On 1 April must be much critically, the only site on which I first April zutraue times no joke, the postilion.

hp Besides the jokes are to be read at the first April in the German schools, companies, offices and other businesses as the “played jokes” again be the highlight of the lunch break with the College – although these actually nothing with the first April have to do in the classical sense. From soft to hard – you have certainly already experienced or initiated. I have something picked out you what I know from my time as a home office was not yet on the agenda. To make I’m not for termination of your person in charge – Should you want to use something of it 😉 It should be remembered that there are colleagues who abkönnen more fun and those with which you better not make jokes.

1 Rub ink pad on the handset. Previously always you like being in the army: Press the handset into the ink pad and normal place again on the phone. Then call the colleague and simply hang up again after acceptance by the colleagues. Blue ear for colleagues, always good for a laugh.

2 Scotch tape on the telephone cradle. Combines well with point 1. Those who still have older phones in the office, who may stick with scotch tape the fork on the device. Result: even when the handset is lifted, it continues to ring.

3 Optical mouse with paper retrofit. Grab optical mouse and the optical tape up with paper. Professionals label said piece still with funny sayings or take silly pictures. Result: mouse does not work.

4 Colleague must call back. Grab paper and leave the colleague a message that he should call Mrs / Mr Behr but since these / this asks for recall. The callback number could be at the local zoo.

5 Peer pressure. For this, you need to drum up that your target person send an e-mail several people. Hanger could be that you would have / heard anything bad / embarrassing about the person in the head office / radio in the canteen. All email the one person – you could still get things like “hey, no matter what the tell, I’ll stand by” …. Attention is already a harder level.

6 Rundmail the telephone company. Warning, do not make in the business, as customers could be acidic otherwise. If their IT and Co makes writes a circular e-mail (preferably from the account of a colleague) that the phone company does maintenance work and therefore no one can answer the phone by xxx – xxx clock. Kam always particularly good at federal 🙂 Alternative: Some mail that the systems are switched off immediately. Watch Hustle and Save.

7 Toilet. It sinks for them – the level! Take a chocolate hazelnut cream of choice and use them on the door knob of the toilet – inside. What one thinks of tackling the catch, should be known. In no case, however, you should install plastic wrap under the toilet seat!

8 Frozen screen. The absolute classic. With push button make a screenshot of the desktop. Set this as wallpaper, all icons and the taskbar hide, optionally mouse settings still properly readjust. Pro-Tip for onboard graphics cards from Intel, because you can quickly rotate the screen using hotkeys.

9 Marco Phono . Also a classic. Here you can simply call times colleagues and a call and corresponding answers click together from various scenarios, so that the answers are usually about the statements of your colleagues. There is, for example, the Windows Support from Mainz …

10 Mouse and keyboard swap. Work with several people? Then try the classics: swap the connections with those of colleagues – controls colleague A colleague of the computer as

11 Broken monitor: Replace wallpapers and defective monitor suggest. On the Web, there are countless wallpapers for computers and mobile devices .

12 Language module in the printer. Refer to the screenshot above. Various types of printers have new language modules for voice input. Unfortunately, in English , maybe it likes someone translate. To have HP, XEROX, DELL, Konica and Canon.

And, let’s hear – what are your plans – and provided’re fallen for her, how?
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