AquaTop Display: transform an ordinary bath into a touch screen





The guys from Koike Laboratory at the University of Tokyo electronic communications, having at his disposal the camera Kinect , a projector, a few waterproof speakers, six months to write the code and the Sea of enthusiasm, turned an ordinary bath water in the interactive entertainment hub. Their AquaTop Display displays the concept of entertainment to a whole new level.

Works AquaTop Display follows. Projector and a Kinect camera is connected to a computer. The projector projects the image onto the water surface. In order to better the image displayed on the surface of the water, it added bath salts that make the water turbid. However, the water begins to reflect the light emitted by the camera Kinect, which in turn follows the movement of each finger on the hands over the water and turns it into a kind of touch-screen display.


Such a bunch of electronics has a number of interesting and new ways of interacting that are not available using conventional touch screens . For example, a scoop in the palm of the water from the image and move it to the player window – run cartoon. And due to the formation of the desired image, supplied with the projector and the waves, you can create beautiful interactive flood. Unwanted images on the “screen” can be removed simply grasping them with three fingers to carry off the water, and then releasing.


AquaTop Display is not only a wonderful way to interact with multimedia applications, but literally an entire gaming platform. Feelings increase considerably when using the waterproof speakers that are placed under the water in the tub 60 x 90 x 25 cm

If you want to describe some visual effects, including the column. Being under water and emitting a sound at a frequency of 50 Hz, the columns are literally forced to boil water. The effect is accompanied by a beautiful light from the LEDs mounted on the column.

In general, look for yourself.

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