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It reverberated technical communities in the recent news of the Declaration of Watts in August for encrypted conversations , and the reason is certainly there was some deficiency in a particular place.

At the time I started louder voices questioning the validity of encryption, security expert Dr. Khalid Adnan al – Issa wrote an article – received Gateway Technical News Transcript Menh- where he unveiled a Watts August encryption details, Oahu real or what? Are there gaps in the encryption process? Can a third party to mediate this process ?!

The Essa holds a doctoral degree in information security from QUT University in Australia. He is currently an assistant professor at King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology. A researcher and consultant in information security, holds a Scientific Excellence Award in the Master ‘s phase in information security. As well as a candidate for the award distinctive doctoral thesis.

We’ll show you the article and also our response to pervade the desired interest of each character:

By: Dr. Khalid Adnan al – Issa
The last update for the application Watts August announced that the application now provides encryption from end to end. But is this a real encryption? How to overcome the problem of authentication? Is the information actually reach from one party to another without the possibility viewed by any other party?

In short , and before entering into the technical details of what he had done, the developers Watts August in the last update is a wonderful work and actual encryption from end to end without the possibility of decoding. But there is one drawback, which is that you will ensure that your messages really up to the person you are Bmraselth directly without having someone overhears you. Technically possible presence of a third person the mid – between you and the other party, and can this person actually receiving messages and decryption and read and then re – encoding and pass it to the person intended, and also the receipt of the reply from the other end and passed to you after reading it without the knowledge of any of you.

The solution
Developers Watts August unaware of this lack of protocol used, and they created a clever solution to this problem. When entering any conversation between you and someone else , and when you press the option information , and then click on the encryption option you will find a number and code box, written below: It is to make sure that the person who Trazle he himself receives messages, can portray the icon box for the other person through the pressure “Clear the symbol” or compare the numbers and you have him and make sure that they are identical. When you match the symbols you can be sure no one between you and reach of messages directly.

Encryption Watts August Is it real

Currently this is the only way that will ensure you that you are really communicating with the desired person directly without having someone in the middle. If the numbers do not match , or the code, this means that there is a person in the middle is eavesdropping on conversations.

What concerns me here is that there is a great advantage but unfortunately they are disabled in the normal situation and you should be activated. When going to Settings and then select the account and choose safety, you will see “show security notifications” option and it will be a closed set. You turn on this feature, which I’m going to explain it now.

Encryption Watts August Is it real

This feature makes Watts August gives you an alert in the event of changing the security code by the other party. Change the security code may be due to a change to the mobile phone , the person or re – installation of Watts in August, or the entry of a party in the middle between you and this is important for us. In case you receive a message that the security code for the other person has changed. You can question the other party if he had changed his mobile phone or recompose Watts in August to see if there was watching Mhadttkm.

It is important to mention here that in the normal position, the message is encrypted when you go out of your device and is not decoding only when they reach the goal. It is not able to servers (servers) and Watts August or working there decryption or access to messages (except in the case of the uncertainty of the security code). There is no need to store any encryption keys in servers Watts August or any information regarding encryption. In the event that the code and make sure that there is no person in the middle will be the message actually encrypted and secure From end to end. But in case you are not sure the symbol will remain Always ask: Is there someone in the middle of watching messages and seen it or not?!.

Finally, despite the fact that the talks themselves are encrypted and protected, but, as the agreement stated in the application Watts August, the company can extract information concerning the talks , such as transceiver and mobile numbers of the sender and future times and any information legally the company is forced to be delivered to the competent authorities.

Details for those interested
There is no room for doubt that the best way to make sure the security code is you are Next to the one actually and compare numbers or code, but of course will not need to be near the other person to work assertion. You can take a picture of these numbers and send the other person to match the numbers and make sure, but it is better to send it through a program other than Watts in August because the person in the middle can replace the image his image.

What is the security code?
It is not the encryption key, not the code needs to be hidden. It is only a custom icon for your connection With the other person. In the sense that each person you contact is created by a special symbol for that contact. The symbol does not belong and do not respect the other person, but for communication between you. So you will have a custom icon and you’ll find that the code is different for each conversation. Symbol be configured based on the data from the two parties, so in the event of a change of people to his computer the code is changed.

User encryption protocol support “Signal” and which is open source. It is important to be alert and Watts August code itself is not open source, but it depends on the protocol open


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