art of right decision making lies in thinking less




Soul Sustenance 09-07-2014

Communication (Part 1)

A great deal of our communication is non-verbal and we rarely realize the effect that it has on others. Our tone of voice, our body language (particularly our eyes and face), our attitudes and our feelings, are constantly in communication with others, expressing anger, fear, love, trust, rejection – in fact, all our feelings and emotions. We cannot hide what we mean; we may do so for a while, but finally the truth emerges.

Communication is not just with others, but also with the self, with the Supreme Being and even nature. Being still, focused and open enables us to tune in to others so that we can respond in an appropriate and meaningful way, not simply in a mechanical way.

Here are some common reasons for blocks to communication:

* Too many thoughts, and an overload of words and actions, results in us being unable to think clearly. We lose the essence of what is trying to be conveyed (transmitted) by the other.

* Being lost in our own feelings or ideas. In such a state we do not listen attentively to others.

* Remembering the past in a negative way. This does not allow us to tune in properly to our present and future. When we do not communicate properly with the needs of the present time, we loose opportunities.

(To be continued tomorrow….)

Message for the day 09-07-2014

The art of right decision making lies in thinking less.

Projection: When I am faced with a difficult situation, I naturally begin to think a lot. I tend to feel that the more I think, the more choices I have and the better the decision I will be able to take. But such thinking only creates more and more waste thoughts.

Solution: I need to make the effort of thinking less about the problem. Even a few moments of internal silence helps me develop my intuition and the right decision is made from within; because silence brings solutions.

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