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The tragedy in the Moscow metro has shown that no one is immune from an accident. “Times” prepared for such emergencies a brief overview of the applications that we hope you never have to use it.

“Mobile Rescuer”

The first and perhaps most important application – a “Mobile rescuer”, the official program of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Immediately at the start of the program there is a big red button SOS. If it is pressed, the phone will automatically call on the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the remote will send the exact coordinates of the duty of the user. The same can be send listed in the Contacts application.

In addition to the alarm button in the “Mobile saver” is a short guide for medical first aid, compiled by experts of MOE.

In it, as in the textbook of life safety, clearly demonstrated how and what to do with the victims.

In addition, the application has a quick tutorial of what to do in case of a particular type of emergency, from household accidents to man-made disasters.

Also in the appendix there is a tab with the directory services that can assist in the event of an emergency: police, hospitals, fire departments, emergency department, and others. All these services can be displayed on a map and see their location relative to the user.


This program is intended to provide quick information about drugs – that their composition, and instructions for their use, and even the nearby pharmacy. In addition, it is a complete medical directory, which provides a detailed description of a large number of common diseases that can confront people.

In emergency situations, this list can be useful section “Emergency conditions”.

The application also helps you find nearby medical facilities in large numbers, and it’s not just about hospitals, but of all the places where people with medical education can provide first aid. This sanatorium, and research institutes, and other establishments.

We should also mention the section “About Me”: in it, the user can specify the key information about yourself and your health, there is it any medical evidence was a brief history of the disease and so on. All this can help in the provision of first aid.


Yes, it is a flashlight. This is an application that can help you in case of an emergency. And if you already have a regular flashlight, do not rely on it. It is better to download something that has enhanced functionality. In particular, it is required that an application that is able to automatically blinking light. After all, the flickering light is much easier to see than a constant.

And you in case of an emergency is not a constant on-off flashlight manually.

Excellent if this flashlight has a built-in siren. Some applications, among other things also are able to beat the Morse code, in particular file Morse signal SOS, and both light and sound. This will surely help in the rescue operations.


Natural disasters are often very destructive. EWeather application is intended to warn of natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

The program displays on the map the epicenters of disasters, as well as gives you an hourly forecast.

Also eWeather – a powerful complex, which includes among other things, barometer, geomagnetic indices and even METAR-reports (aeronautical meteorological codes).

The application automatically displays a warning in the Notification Center of your smartphone. Version for Android supports installation of the required warning widgets on your desktop.


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