As the ability to draw analogies helped by Ford and Apple to reach unprecedented heights




Any innovation in business – both in the manufacturing process, and distributing the finished product – in need of analogies. It is due to the similarities companies such as Ford Motor Company and Apple, have reached unprecedented heights. How to notice and use of analogy, see this article.Analogy fill our life, but we are so accustomed to them that we do not notice this. Once the phrase “desktop” meant only a real table where people work, and now it is immediately associated with the computer. Analogies help to take another look at things and find a solution where no one would look for him. Here are two stories of world famous Ford and Apple, which owe their increasing ability to draw analogies.

According to John Pollack, author of Bill Clinton’s speeches and books Shortcut, silly not to use such a powerful tool, as an analogy. Pollack believes that “instinct analogies” – the ability to see that some things are similar to the other – is the basis for innovation and sales.

Analogy – it’s the living flesh of any business.

From the car Ford Model T to the computer Macintosh – all these innovations owe their existence analogies. But before we tell stories well-known companies, let’s see, what do you want analogy.
Transform alien and strange in the familiar

Here is a good definition of Pollack:

Analogy – the comparison subjects, which suggests the existence of any similarities between them, hidden or apparent.

Analogs may take various forms. Analog may be one word, and maybe the whole story, especially if it has a moral, rousing the audience to some abstract principle.

We use the analogy to use information from the outside world, to make a decision. We get new data, compare them with what we already know, are looking to simplify and try to draw conclusions based on his experience.

John Pollack

In other words, we use an analogy to simplify the alien and unusual objects found in their similarities with familiar objects to us and used for other purposes.

So we are all to some degree think analogies. But some geniuses business reached unprecedented heights is due to the strong momentum of analogies.
About Ford and meat

In 1913, Ford Motor Company is an ambitious company with ten years of experience, but at the time it has practically no effect on the lives of Americans.

The company was a great goal – to make two hundred engines a day, but the manufacturing process is not allowed to do it. While workers were getting engine components from different rooms and rippled their carts.

One day Bill Clan, an employee of Ford, an employee in the past tram company, forge, machine shop and shipbuilding, went on an excursion to the slaughterhouse in Chicago.

There he saw how you can increase productivity by automating : animal carcasses moved through the pipeline in suspended carts and butchers perform certain tasks upon receipt of carcasses.

While clan watched this bloody symphony movement, he compared razdelyvanie carcasses with the assembly of engines. Clans realized that by moving assembly line at the factory Ford, you can speed up production and reduce the price of the goods.

After returning Clan proposed this idea to his boss: “If they can kill the pigs so we can just collect the car.”

First, his boss did not agree. What could be more distant from each other than flesh and mechanisms? But clan insisted that it is one and the same.

As a result, the idea embodied clan, adding to shop moving assembly lines. Due to this, productivity has increased significantly, and entered the market more affordable model “T» (Model T). Price reduced from 575 to 280 dollars, and Ford for a few years has doubled its market share.

Clan saw an analogy through superficial differences between the two industries – butchering and assembly machines. At the heart of both processes is the expectation of the material before use.

John Pollack

After the success of Ford was not long before other companies started to introduce conveyors and make high profits in almost all areas.
Steve Jobs – the master of analogies

Analogies work because they make the unfamiliar familiar, help the mind focus on unfamiliar terrain, making it similar to the one area that we already know.

In connection with this obsession with Steve Jobs’s user-friendly interface has been dictated precisely analogies. Apple has been able to gain public recognition, making the virtual world, users unfamiliar, like the physical world in which all are well oriented.

One of the main similarities Apple – desktop computer – so common that we have forgotten that this analogy. She needed to get people to use the Macintosh graphical user interface is as simple as they used something real and familiar – its physical table.

You can write something on paper to preserve written and re-read it later, and the same can be done in an electronic document. In reality, you can store documents and photos in a folder, and then the same can be done in a folder on the desktop.

You can move the folder on the table – you can order them on the computer. What you see on the computer screen matches what you know in real life.

Now, these analogies have become for us so obvious and common that such analysis can bring a smile. But in 1984 it was not so. And the instinct of analogies Steve Jobs was the main reason for the success of Apple.
How to get more out of analogies

If you do not have the instinct of analogies, it is possible to develop it yourself. Analogies can be found everywhere, and you can work out, for example, while reading articles.

Indeed, it is important to pay attention to the language that we use. The ability to bring the familiar and the familiar concept – is an important part of the art of analogies.

John Pollack

Another way to pump in combination – to train compliance notice things, and to do this you must constantly enrich their experience. Most likely, the clan saw a correspondence between the meat and the engines because until then he has worked in various areas of the industry and did not see much difference between many manufacturing processes.

Explore, more to read, travel – increasing our own experience, as well as applying the experience of people with whom you work, you can become a master of analogies.

The most unusual and creative solutions are born due to mixing of different sources of information. The more detalek of Lego you have, the more opportunities to create something new and incredible.

And you use the analogy in your business?


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