As the correct password can change your life




Periodic change of passwords is one of the measures that we recommend to computer security experts to ensure the safety of our accounts. Surprisingly, this effect can be used not only for this. Properly chosen password can simultaneously change your entire life”How could she do this to me?”

“What is my fault?”

“What do I do now?”

These are the questions in my head throbbed Maurizio ( Mauricio Estrella ) after breaking up with his girlfriend. Of course, about the fruitful work in such a state of question.

But suffering is suffering, but at least the type of work you need to show. Maurizio turned on the computer and saw the message about the need to change the login password. This message appears once a month in accordance with the security policy of the company in which he is currently working.

Maurizio looked hazy look at the blinking cursor and could not figure out what he should do in this most unlucky day of his life. Then still concentrated and introduced the first thing that came to mind:


Yes, it was necessary to him now more than anything else. And this is the word he chose as the password that, looking ahead, will heal him from distress.

During the first day Maurizio introduced its new password at least a dozen times. After each cigarette break, after the meeting, after lunch and a walk. Each time the computer is locked, had again and again to enter the magic word, repeating like a mantra: “forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness …”

Not immediately, but gradually, as water wears away the stone, the word has penetrated deep into his mind and gradually fill it completely. Rupture of relations ceased to seem catastrophic pain went around again shone paint. The therapeutic effect was evident and Maurizio realize that accidentally found the magic way to change your life.

Exactly a month login window thrown another appeal to change your password. He was ready to have Maurizio advance.

6r0s @ kuRit!

Guess what happened after that. He gave up smoking!

Earlier Maurizio tried to take the pills, the use of electronic cigarettes, glue patches – nothing helped. All these methods are advertised and thousands of dollars have been thrown powerless. And only the magic password, repeated dozens of times a day, was able to beat the addiction.

The following password sounded simple and practical:

Save4trip @ thailand

And even after three months of our hero blossomed Facebook tropical pictures. Password works!


Perhaps you feel that this story is my fiction that has nothing to do with reality. However, it is not. On this page you can read a detailed report Mauricio Estrella and even read all passwords which he used during the last year.

Monthly password change has been for the author of this method is an important event to which it is now preparing in advance. Inciting up, thinks the main goal for the next tridtsatidnevku. Maurizio lives so for two years, and during that time his life has changed for the better.

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