As you can unlearn blogging! Revelation of arrogant Gernegross




As you can unlearn blogging! Revelation of arrogant Gernegross

If one thinks that one can learn nothing regarding his craft and further and further away from its roots due to the fact then the personal mood tilt very quickly. That is what happened to me and the reason why I insert a 180 degree turn!
As you can unlearn blogging! Revelation of arrogant Gernegross

A little over a week I’ve already pretty much announced on Google+ that here in the way as I reported about tech which will alter. This had nothing more to do in the last 2 years with blogging and when I then again back to the roots found (preferably after Apple Keynote), then here are readers thrown in the beta-blockers by the dozen, because they, with a straight announcement an honest statement nothing can begin.

But if you like it you blame them? If you only mainstream garbage supplies, easily digestible Techgemuese is time again aufgewaermt of the major publishers as content Ping Pong and without personal opinion, degenerated into a press release with slightly altered superscription, then one should not complain about it, that after my little rant Franz Josef Wagner is threatened last Thursday with public Loving withdrawal.

Juti, I honestly can live quite well with, because for one the guy the supposed meaning of Wagner’s Hirnpups has remained hidden (ok, to be honest me but even that was at the Wagner also never stated) and on the other I have a fundamental Problem with Grammar Nazis, sometimes quite quickly a leased line to the Alfa should be put phone itself:

That is exactly the scene alleged Techbloggern with which I would prefer not to be lumped together, because if you are sitting all day on the “My little Pony” Farm and extends the tech PR, the manufacturer only unthinkingly to his readers , then you are qualified for the highest office in one of the outposts of the LSR mafia and should also be ashamed, only the B Blogger to pin in his CV!

This is not my Techblogging world that I saw always defined over honest and subjective content and had nothing to do with what we have exemplified in recent decades the mainstream media. Both sides, classic journalism and blogging are similar to more and more, a look at the Google News page confirms this

Who are because the Meinungsfuehrer? Right, which is also about the Turkey-revolt flood and breast surgery Angelina Jolie write parallel. Only now they are also somehow a bit more relaxed. Colds every little content lint from the blogs from (especially if it is Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung are), reproduce selfsame now with only 12 hours of delay and provide a source then the Internet or better yet “well-informed Sources “on.

And then came Mobilegeeks

With the launch of Mobilegeeks I had planned to oppose this motion actually exactly something. To create a platform for bloggers and editors about Mobile Tech to report, as I have always imagined: Time, direct, honest and comprehensive. We wanted to cover the whole range of current news and I have not noticed all this time, I am always more distant from my own exigencies. In a swagger bordering on arrogance, I really thought that we compete with traditional publishers, so this blog myself pretty quickly back in the direction of politics, business, sports and nightlife district.

I bogged myself in Google Analytics, SEO, marketing and advertising revenue statistics, to this integer spasm ultimately constituted about 80% of my day 16h. Ahso and incidentally I tried even just “search engine-compliant” to write as “the Great” in front of the eighth and realized it did not mean I was assimilated more and more of the mainstream cube.

Speiuebel it comes to me when I think about it now.

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I feel unhappy, burnt out and although Mobilegeeks really started more than successful. Only that was not the success I have to do, for I had given up the blogging and I am more or less degenerated to the Content Engine, which I myself have always liked to show with all the data at its disposal fingers.

If you turn back the wheel of time, then this must mean not step back! If your niche is no more and you are unhappy with Selbiger, then you need to find yourself a new or re-invent itself again.

The latter is now being addressed! More opinion, more statements, often to gaze over the horizon and above all, have no fear that one of the Google News index throws because you like polarized.

Yes, I fucking feel like it right back to pliers if any companies want to degrade and consumption cows or sell us round corners as “the next big thing”. Just as it is but also give back more extensive analysis from Asia and more internals of the industry.

I’m sorry about my statements to write “comment” and that will not happen in this life. Among all my articles my name is easy to read under it and thus each may assume that I have to not only written but also Selbiger contains my personal opinion.

Who seeks supposed objectivity, which may look at the lottery draw, because that is probably the only format about which there can be only one opinion (of Wetten, dass.? With Markus “spectacular” lance aside times!).

I am wrong track and that was before all things, because I’m very naive, but the whole point addressed above all arrogant.

This will be subject to change now!

PS Yes, we will continue to produce current news but we are also working on a solution as we present this differently in the future. The content must be your own again, and the King must also be immediately apparent.


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