Astronomers have discovered the merger of two black holes




Scientists long ago explore the nature of unknown space objects and recently discovered a mysterious phenomenon – the merger of two massive black holes. Naturally, such a process can not be seen by any telescope, but managed to compile estimates schematic representation of the process.

Infrared Space Observatory WISE were discovered two black holes in the center of a distant galaxy. For their study were recruited two world telescope, which also showed that in this galaxy has an unusual swirling jets of matter (jets).

Processing of data from the telescope is still ongoing. This anomalous galaxy was designated WISE J233237.05-505643, 5, and astronomers immediately interested in his unusual behavior, experts say NASA . The first assumption was that in this galaxy is very rapid formation of stars. But subsequent studies have shown that found a truly unique event last stage of a merger writes

As astronomers say, in every large galaxy has a supermassive black hole. Such holes are formed in two ways. The first is the absorption of matter from the surrounding neighborhoods. The main feature of the second method is just a merger of two small black holes in a single supermassive hole.

Action full merger of black holes can be observed only in the latter stages, when they are both at a small distance from each other – a few light years. Although their interaction begins even when the distance between them a few thousand light-years.

Such a discovery is very important for modern astronomy. Astronomers for the first time will be able to explore such a rare phenomenon, as the merger of two black holes in one. The final stage of this action is to produce gravitational waves that would study the scientists.
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