Astronomers were mistaken in the universe is 10 times more galaxies




Astronomers were mistaken in the universe is 10 times more galaxies

Карликовая галактика

Dwarf galaxy.

The space telescope Herschel, a European Space Agency, found that previously unseen distant galaxies are responsible for the cosmic fog of infrared radiation. Unobtrusive and very distant galaxies – the merit of “Herschel,” which, in addition, showed and the birth of stars in the early universe.

According to astronomers, in the observable universe, there are billions and billions of galaxies again (and about seven trillion dwarf galaxies). Here’s how to evaluate the observable universe, astronomers across 14 billion light years:

– Superclusters in the observable universe = 10000000;

– Galactic clusters in the observable universe = 25 billion;

– Giant galaxies in the observable universe = 350000000000;

– Dwarf galaxies in the observable universe = 7000000000000;

– The stars in the observable universe = 30 billion trillion (3 × 10 ² ²).

But astronomers have come to the conclusion that a mistake and underestimated the number of galaxies in some parts of the universe by 90%, according to research Matthew Hayes of the Geneva Observatory, who led the study, using the most advanced optical instruments – Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile with four plates diameter of 8.2 meters. They looked into the abyss of two well-studied area of ​​deep space called the field GOODS-South.

When it comes to the distant old galaxies, the telltale light may not reach Earth, being lockable clusters of interstellar clouds of gas and dust. As a result, these galaxies are ignored by cartographers.

“Astronomers always knew that missing a certain fraction of the galaxies. But the first time we have an exact number. And it is very significant, “- says Matt Hayes.

The team conducted two sets of observations in the same region, catching the light emitted from galaxies that were born 10 billion years ago. Looking for so-called Lyman-alpha light, named in honor of Theodore Lyman. Lyman-alpha is energy emitted by excited hydrogen nuclei. The second observation use special camera HAWK-1 in search of radiation of a different wavelength, also emitted by hydrogen nuclei, better known under the name “H-alpha” (or H-alpha).

The second scan recorded the whole bag of light sources, undetected Lyman-alpha technique. Astronomers have found that the popular study using the Lyman-alpha light shows only a small number of galaxies. 90% in this study galaxies are in shadow.

“For every ten visible galaxies may be a hundred – invisible” – concluded Hayes.

Multiply tenfold. And read about the “Herschel” details .
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