Asus Transformer Book Duet: Native Windows and Android on an i7




Asus Transformer Book Duet: Native Windows and Android on an i7

In recent years, several attempts Asus to look. The boundaries of form factors and operating systems The laptops and desktops that are the result usually get the “Transformer’-brand it and in some cases run both Windows and Android.

The operation of these systems is not always easy and it comes usually means that there is a separate set of hardware is required for each operating system, or Android emulated with software like BlueStacks, which in performance is not the bottom of the barrel can be achieved.

Apparently that was Asus also a thorn in the eye and with the Asus Transformer Book Duet allows the manufacturer to end the unnecessary hardware. Android and Windows both run natively on the same Core i7 processor and switch between operating systems, within four seconds. During CES we got the chance to see if the concept really does what it promises.

In the video a few times called S0 power state, while there must be a lower power state. Of the power state of the Duet when changing or uses Asus could not tell us exactly. Transform and switch

Asus has built a well-known with the Duet convertible – or Asus Transformer as it likes to call itself – with a single tablet and a keyboard dock. The 13.3 “- click tablet into the keyboard and can be fixed with the push of a button in the middle of the keyboard dock disconnected again a special key on the keyboard is responsible for making the switch from Windows 8.1 to Android 4.2. .

The first thing that strikes you when the tablet from the dock gets is that they both feel cheap. The seams and edges are not very nicely finished and the plastic casing of the tablet and the dock does not feel very firmly and can be a key piece. The Duet in question was not a retail model, so hopefully the finish in the final version improved.
Asus Transformer Duet Asus Transformer Duet

The keyboard dock provides the Duet three additional USB ports, an Ethernet and a HDMI connection. The dock also includes a hard drive that can be approached. Both operating systems An extra battery, which Asus Transformer keyboard docks in previous inbouwde with some regularity, is absent.

If we then turn the tablet Windows starts. Who then fast on the ‘change key’ to go to Android gets a mention even wait until Windows has finished booting. That goes pretty smoothly and within twenty seconds Android can then begin. In addition, Windows will put in a sleep mode, the screen briefly to black and then customized by Asus boot screen of Android 4.2. Appears
Asus Transformer Duet Asus Transformer Duet Asus Transformer Duet

Running Android than a little flexible on the x86 hardware? We can only confirm. Despite the fact that Android is better optimized for arm processors, the i7 CPU has enough raw processing power to run the OS to control without difficulty. The HD 4200 GPU is also of a different class than many smartphone GPUs and turned the games we tested easily and without any hitch. Preliminary conclusion

After a while the Duet having played one question has kept us hanging: what is the use of Android and Windows simultaneously on one computer? The first netbooks with Android date from 2009 and were running Windows XP and Android 2.x or Android 3.0. Both systems were terms of functionality miles apart. Windows XP was a real desktop and laptop operating system, while Android was developed. Initially for smartphones Five years later, the difference is decreased. Windows 8 is optimized for touch screens, there are more and more Windows apps, and if there is no app available, there is usually still a web version of the same software available.

On an Android tablet is not necessarily the operating system of choice, and it is questionable whether you’ll be using Android. Often Users who do not wish to intervene, for that one Android appje or one game to their smartphone or a larger screen preferred, are greatly helped by the Duet, but the question is whether having multiple operating systems on a typical Opel evert user benefits.

One thing is clear, in any case, if you are indeed Android regularly used on the Duet, the operating system runs like a train, and also provides the method of switching sure you can work when you switch back again straight on. This Asus has both systems combined in the best possible way, do not restart, but native use of the available hardware.

Finally, the price, which is also a strong point of this laptop. The Transformer Duet is $ 600 including taxes and fees that would amount to 535 euro. For that money you get a Core i3 processor, 4GB of memory, a 64GB SSD, a 320GB hard drive and screen – unfortunately – 1366×768 pixels. Despite the low resolution is not a bad price for a convertible with SSD and HDD, where another Android runs on.

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