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From Tuesday, February 3rd, anyone who is interested to work with the open beta of Battlefield Hardline. That beta test focuses again on the multiplayer side of the game, and he must give players a reasonable picture of what the shooter will eventually entail. Tweakers recently got the chance to advance to tackle the content of the beta test. The three-hour multiplayer session showed us acquainted with new maps and a new game mode. He also gave us the opportunity to more extensive to get started with game modes that we saw earlier in the Gamescom; game modes that time were very popular.

Played on: PC
Appears also: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

However, the focus will, as the beta test starts, especially going to the Heist mode, which was not previously play and for us it was completely new. Remember that Battlefield: Hardline is about the mutual confrontation between police and criminals. So far we have seen, however, especially that found in the single player mode. That we have seen just beyond the Gamescom, and what we saw suited us well. We liked it a kind of “Miami Vice feeling ‘, but since Cologne we have seen nothing more of it, and it could just be that that until the review remains. Too bad, because in multiplayer, the whole police-rascals-story much less evident. At least, until we went to work in London with Heist.

Heist run it, at least in the folder that we played to a bank robbery. Central to the folder is a bank, containing a vault with two bags ‘loot’ to be stolen by criminals, then one of three items to be elsewhere in the court dropped. The police obviously the task to prevent that succeeds. Battlefield Who knows a little knows that the action will therefore concentrate around a few points. Initially, everyone runs towards the safe and there arises a gigantic bang party in the many narrow alleys that the bank has. Then concentrate the shoot-outs around the points where the criminals have the loot drop. The first part is a true bang fest with shotguns and grenades the shots, and once outside taking machine guns and sniper rifles prevailed. Up to here, it is therefore quite clear, and it seems by the apparent lack of tactics to be applied not over the interesting …


… Only the latter is incorrect. There will be at Heist look much more strategy than you have through the first few games. In the beginning, indeed everyone runs like a fool toward the bench to contribute them to the hurricane of explosions, but there is much more to think. So the developers suggested that we could block certain corridors with fire. It is also possible to penetrate the vault from the roof, to pack our bags and with a grappling hook to climb out again. One of your teammates had in the meantime to make a zipline toward one of the extraction points, so that you in record time could steal a bag. On the ziplines we did after a few games themselves already thought, but this level of teamwork came to us not naturally created.

Yet Heist mode is potentially entertaining. The description ‘bitter struggle’ seems to have been coined for this mode. Rarely have we seen so many game modes which arose fierce gunfights and where the outcome so long remained exciting as in Heist. This mode also has the atmosphere of a real confrontation between police and bank robbers, but only helps them, we have never seen a bank robbery where there are as many policemen as robbers and where both parties were so heavily armed. But you can go too far whining, of course.


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