Belgium is far behind the Netherlands with ipv6 adoption




SIDN, the organization that deals with the management of the .nl domain, warns that the Netherlands, compared to other European countries and especially Belgium, lag far behind the implementation of ipv6. The organization states that this is harmful to the Dutch economy.

On the basis of data from Google, it appears that Belgium is leading the adoption of ipv6 in the European countries surveyed; 54.3 percent of all visitor sessions on a Google page come from an ipv6 address. In the Netherlands this is only 13.2 percent. Belgium is followed by Germany and Greece with 38 and 34.5 percent respectively. The report points to KPN and Ziggo as the cause of the relatively low adoption rate in the Netherlands. According to SIDN, both companies do not offer a dual stack ipv6 connection.

According to SIDN , the slow adoption of ipv6 is bad for the future stability of the Dutch internet structure and the competitive position, because the low adoption rate makes the Netherlands less attractive for investments and innovations in, for example, iot. According to Roelof Meijer, the general director of SIDN, the figures detract from the image of the Netherlands as an innovative forerunner and start-ups and tech companies will sooner establish themselves elsewhere, where ipv6 is readily available.

SIDN concludes that the number of available ipv4 addresses is exhausted and that the technical workarounds are an obstacle to the stability of the internet. The research shows that umbrella organization Digital Infrastructure Netherlands is not yet convinced of the importance of ipv6, because there is currently no urgent shortage of ipv4 addresses. The organization does want more research into the risks of the slow adoption of ipv6.

Ipv6 is the successor to ipv4. Ipv6 addresses are 128 bits long and that yields a total of 340 ‘sextillion’, or 340 × 10 21 , unique addresses. This larger address space is the main reason for a switch, but ipv4 also offers technical improvements in the area of ​​multicasting, autoconfiguration, faster routability and larger network packages.

Country Percentage of ipv6 adoption
Belgium 54.3
Germany 38
Greece 34.5
Switzerland 28.6
Luxembourg 26.3
Finland 23.7
Estonia 22.8
France 22
United Kingdom 21.1
Portugal 18.9
Ireland 17.3
Norway 15.1
The Netherlands 13.2


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