Best Buy Laptop Guide: December 2013




Best Buy Laptop Guide: December 2013


It is December, for the last time Best Buy Laptop Guide 2013. In this BBG recommend LBBG we have a basic notebook, a multimedia laptop and finally a high-end ultrabook. It took some time before there were enough new ultrabooks with Haswell processors available, but in the meantime falls into this category also what to choose.

There have been no major changes in the past two months. In the field of laptop hardware Intel’s Haswell processor is slowly replacing more and more Ivy Bridge processors, but not really storm. Runs Laptop manufacturers do not seem to feel compelled to launch new models with Haswell hardware. Perhaps because of competition from AMD Intel hardly trouble the mainstream and high-end laptops.

Cheaper tablets and laptops AMD has recently introduced new apu-soc s announced with codenames Beema and Mullins. The new processors feature Puma cores and follow the Kabini and Temash-APUs, which are used. Include Acer, HP and Samsung in cheaper laptops When there are laptops with the new APU’s are being released, it is not yet known. It will not happen this year, but it can bring competitive next year. In this BBG we only get the AMD chips against in the form of GPUs, the CPUs in laptops are again all Intel coming.

For the selection of the best buys we go out of our own findings, third-party reviews and user experiences. With the help of the visitors to the Laptop Buying Advice forum are so the best laptops in the market fished.
Laptop Budget
Based Laptop € 600, –
Multimedia Laptop € 1200, –
High-end ultrabook € 1500, –

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Basic Laptop – Specifications and prices

The basic laptop in Best Buy Guides may cost 600 euros and should thus be a step faster and more comprehensive than the budget laptop of 400 euros. For 600 euros we are looking for a laptop that has all-round deployment and preferably also includes a graphics card. A screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and a SSD is fine, but within this budget rare.

At first we seemed to have, in the form of the Lenovo IdeaPad E531. Yet found an interesting laptop with a 1080p display The base system with Core i3 processor took just over 500 euros and an upgrade to a full HD screen would cost 57 euros. Unfortunately laptop disappeared in late November the site of Lenovo, so he fell down.
Dell Inspiron 15R SE

This brings us back to an old friend, Dells Inspiron 15R SE. Previously, Dell did not full-HD screens on the Special Edition of the Inspiron 15R, but unfortunately that is not the case. The price, however, is decreased and the strengths that remain are the Core i5 processor, 6GB memory, a graphics card and the hard drive of 1TB. At the time of writing, the Inspiron 15R SE in that configuration only available in the web shop of Dell.
Brand and model
Category Laptops
Brand Dell
Series Inspiron
Product Dell Inspiron 15R Special Edition 7520
Execution 15R Special Edition 7520 (cn15s05)
Other specifications
Laptop Type Notebook
Operating system Windows 8
Color Black
CPU and motherboard
CPU-type Intel Core i5 3230m
Speed 2.6GHz
Max Turbo Frequency 3.2GHz
Display and graphics
Diagonal 15.6 ”
Screen 1366×768 (WXGA Wide)
Backlight Led: Edge-lit
Video Chip Radeon HD7730M
Dimensions and weight
Weight 2.76 kg
Memory Size 6GB
Memory Type DDR3 (SODIMM)
HDD Type 5400rpm
Storage 1TB
Optical Drive Type DVD + /-RW DL
Video out D-Sub (VGA)
Connection (Ethernet) Ethernet 1Gbit / s
Connection (wlan) 802.11n
Connection (Bluetooth) Bluetooth 4.0
Division Qwerty

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Basic Laptop – Appearance and impression

Dells 15R SE is regularly added in the Best Buy Guides, as an alternative to the end laptop that we considered to have best buy. This is the BBG 15R SE itself the best buy. For 599 Dell offers a 15 “laptop with a Core i5 3230m processor, 4GB memory, an HD 7730M graphics and a 500GB HDD. Until December 19 is a rebate that this model will cost 579 euros. The more expensive model with 6GB of memory and a 1TB hard drive is temporary and is also cheaper to the end of the action just within budget. For the additional cost of twenty euro is that expensive 15R SE quite an interesting choice.

Previous versions of Dell Inspiron 15R SE possessed a full HD screen, but when the price was also higher. The 15R SE Dell currently offers, fits neatly within the budget, but a full-HD screen is no longer available, so we are stuck with a screen resolution of 1366×768 pixels. It is in this price range unfortunately rule rather than the exception.

Dell Inspiron 15R SE So the screen has a low resolution and features Dell TrueLife, a shiny coating that makes the colors look a little better, but it produces many reflections and use in direct sunlight interferes.

The screen is the weakest point of this laptop, but there’s a lot in front. The processor is a Core i5-3230m, from Intel. Processor that still comes from the Ivy Bridge generation of Intel, but does little in terms of performance under the new Haswell processors. The video card is an HD 7730M AMD, 2GB RAM own, similar to Nvidia’s GT 640M. With this combination of processor and graphics can be more reasonable gaming and more on the laptop. The graphics settings should thereby incidentally not above ‘medium’ come true, because that results in low unplayable framerates. The memory of four gigabyte and 500 gigabyte hard drive of the usual size for this category. For now, however, you get 600 euros for six gigabytes of memory and a terabyte of storage, and that makes this laptop even more interesting.
Keyboard, touchpad and connectors

Dell has the 15R SE equipped with a keyboard without a numeric keypad. Based on the opinion of notebookcheck we can say that the keys have enough travel and the keyboard gives clear feedback when typing. The touchpad is nice and large and both keys respond well, even if they are not pressed exactly in the middle.

Dell Inspiron 15R SE

The 15R SE is also large in the connections, there are four USB ports are present, a Gigabit Ethernet connection and audio inputs and outputs. Displays can be connected to the D-Sub or HDMI connection. A cd or dvd’tje can play and be burned with the DVD writer. An optical drive, we find no need for more, but it’s nice that this laptop are both available. The wireless connections are provided by the Intel Centrino N-2230, which supports WiFi n and Bluetooth 4.0.

If the video card is not addressed, take the less powerful but more fuel-efficient, HD4000 GPU in the processor’s calculations of the HD 7730M over. That is good, because the battery can use any savings. The zescelsaccu has a capacity of 48 watt-hours and thus can be worked between two and four hours, depending on the screen brightness and the load on the laptop. This is the 15R SE no miracle economy, but are called high performance opposite.
Dell Inspiron 15R SE Dell Inspiron 15R SE Dell Inspiron 15R SE Dell Inspiron 15R SE

For 600 euros Dells 15R SE is an interesting choice for whom speed and lots of connection options for searching the best price. Currently you get for that money even six gigabytes of memory and a hard disk of a terabyte. Those looking for a system with a very good screen and long battery life can be even better just by saving or spending money on another laptop.

+ Fast hardware
+ Many connections
+ Good keyboard and touchpad

– Short battery life
– Shiny display with low resolution
Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E540
HP ProBook 450 G1 (E9Y11EA)

The Lenovo IdeaPad E531 almost became the best buy in December, but disappeared from Lenovo’s shop, perhaps to make way for the ThinkPad Edge E540. This sturdy and business laptop with a Core i3 4000M processor, 4GB memory and 500GB storage for 570 euros. A full HD screen has an additional cost of 43 euros, a graphics card in the form of Nvidia’s GT 740M costs 61 euros. The E540 is admittedly slower than the Dell 15R SE, but the limit of 600 euros is not holy, then the E540 delivers a better screen.
Rating: 0 € 593.93 HP ProBook 450 G1 (E9Y11EA)
HP ProBook 450 G1 (E9Y11EA)

This HP laptop comes from the business ProBook series, which is built on the General For sturdier than the garden-and-kitchen laptops from HP. The ProBook features like Lenovo E540 a Haswell processor in the form of the Core i3-4000M, 4GB memory and a 500GB HDD. The screen keeps stabbing at 1366×768 pixels. Like the Dell 15R SE is the HP than in the connections: four USB, HDMI, D-Sub, WiFi n and Bluetooth 4.0. The GPU as the built-in HD 4600 from Intel, for a graphics card is missing.
Rating: 0 € 599, – Acer Aspire V3-571G-32348G50Maii
Acer Aspire V3-571G-32348G50Maii

This Acer V3-571G is the only laptop that currently less than 600 euros in PriceWatch state with a full-HD screen. The memory is 8GB, and also a single GeForce 710M and a 500GB HDD present. The performance will be printed by the Core i3-2348M processor, which is still the Sandy Bridge generation.

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Multimedia Notebook – Specifications and prices

For a multimedia laptop we pull up to 1,200 euros. Therefore we are looking for a laptop with a nice big screen, which is suitable for multimedia consumption, such as watching movies, gaming and multitasking. An all-rounder so, preferably with room for more than one hard drive, or a standard supplied SSD. Other options, such as a Blu-ray player or a 3D display are welcome but not required.
Asus N76

The Asus N76 starts an old acquaintance in the BBG be. Asus has meanwhile a lot of different variants of this laptop built, of which as many as 29 in the PriceWatch stand. Last June, the N76 also been elected to best buy in the category of multimedia laptop. Six months later, so that again the case, but with a slightly different configuration. The prices are now back down somewhat, which delivers more bang for your money back.

Ultimately, the choice fell on the Asus N76VB-T4038H, with 8GB of memory and a hard disk of a terabyte. With a price of 950 euros, we remain well within the budget of 1200 euros. For 100 euros less T4046H is available, with 6GB of memory and half a terabyte of storage. A handy tweaker can buy the cheap N76, and for less than 100 euros to expand the memory to 8GB itself and build an additional 500GB drive in the second drive bay.
Brand and model
Category Laptops
Brand Asus
Series N76 Series
Product Asus N76 Series N76VB
Execution T4038H
Rate and Review
Lowest price € 948.64
Number of providers 26 stores
First prize entry Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Review Rating: 5 (1 review)
Other specifications
Laptop Type Notebook
Multitouch touchpad Yes
Laptop Extras Card reader, Webcam
Operating system Windows 8
Battery capacity (Wh) 56Wh
Color Silver
CPU and motherboard
CPU-type Intel Core i7 3630QM
Speed 2.4GHz
Max Turbo Frequency 3.4GHz
Motherboard Chipset Mobile Intel HM76
Display and graphics
Diagonal 17.3 ”
Screen 1920×1080 (Full HD 1080p)
Backlight Led: Edge-lit
Video Chip GeForce GT740M
Dimensions and weight
Weight 3.6 kg
Height 34.9 mm
Length 280mm
Width 415mm
Memory Size 8GB
Maximum internal memory 16GB
Memory Type DDR3 (SODIMM)
HDD Type 5400rpm
Storage 1TB
Optical Drive Type DVD + /-RW
Number of HDD 1
Video out D-Sub (VGA), HDMI, Wireless Display (WiDi)
Connection (USB / FW) 4x USB 3.0
Connection (ethernet) Ethernet 1Gbit / s
Connection (wlan) 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n
Connection (Bluetooth) Bluetooth 4.0

Lowest prices for Asus N76VB-T4038H :
+ / – Shop lev.tijd Price Total Place
Score: 4 Op een werkdag besteld, morgen in huis € 948.64 € 948.64 Almere
Rating: 3.5 Megekko Op een werkdag voor 16:00u besteld, morgen in huis € 948.64 € 948.64 Roosendaal
Rating: 5 Op een werkdag voor 23:00u besteld, morgen in huis € 949, – € 949, – Harderwijk
Rating: 4.5 Azerty Levertijd langer dan 12 dagen € 949, – € 949, – Raalte
Rating: 4.5 4Launch Levering verwacht binnen 3 dagen € 949, – € 949, – Eindhoven

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Multimedia Laptop – Appearance and impression

The 29 variants of the N76 did not fall from the sky. Part of it belongs to the first generation of this laptop. Over the years, the Asus N76 ie given some upgrades. Possessed as older versions of the Core i7-3610QM processor, which has since been replaced by the faster 100MHz Core i7-3630QM. Had also upgraded the video card, instead of Nvidia’s GT 630M and 650M is using the GT 740M.

Most, however, remained the same, including the good 17.3 “screen with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The panel is matte, which gives much less reflection than a glossy screen. Brightness of the screen is striking against. Notebookcheck measurement average 233cd / m². However, the black levels are good, making the screen onto a good contrast ratio of 821:1.

Asus N76

Asus has used tn panels in the N76 series and this feature, a TN panel, has good viewing angles. The viewing angle can not match that of most IPS panels, but at an angle the laptop still manages to give, without color or invert the image is unrecognizable. Quite a good picture
Processor, memory, hard drive, video card

The Core i7 processor in the N76 comes, like the processor in the base laptop, yet out of the Ivy Bridge generation. That is not a problem with the performance of the new Haswell processor, is not such that the slightly outdated processor can be seen as a disadvantage. The energy consumption of the processor in the N76 is still higher than that of the new Intel processors, but also that we do not see it as a disadvantage, since a 17.3 “multimedia notebook indoors usually depends on the power supply.

Asus N76

The memory of 8GB is nice spacious. Although most people 6GB amply meets, we choose in this BBG for 8GB, not to make the laptop. Firmer some future The hard drive is a terabyte tasty too big, but completely mechanical and not the fastest. Fortunately, the N76 offers the space to place, such as a SSD or hybrid. Extra disc with

For gamers, the N76 does not fit, but who occasionally wants to play a game with the GT 740M graphics work very well. The Nvidia chip is slightly faster than the HD 7730M from the basic laptop this month, but not much profit does that. Depending on the game will be here at ‘medium’ gaming and more, which is a challenge for the GPU to use. Complete resolution of 1920×1080 pixels

Asus N76
Keyboard and touchpad

The N76 is equipped with a full keyboard with flat keys and a numeric keypad. The keys make relatively little noise while typing and come with backlighting. The touchpad is large and the mouse buttons are hidden under the touchpad. The mouse buttons should be used over the entire surface of the touchpad, but that seems to be disappointing and the touchpad responds best when clicks on the center of the left or right half.

Like the basic laptop this month is also the multimedia system over the connections. The four USB ports support all the 3.0 speed. External displays can be mounted. Both via HDMI and via d-sub There is a card reader is present and if the N76 supports additional digital audio via SPDIF. The built-in speakers are otherwise not too bad. There is even a separate “subwoofer” is provided for the bass. Precisely this is not a strong point of most laptops. Wireless connections can be set up via wifi or bluetooth n 4.0. Those who like this film looks at his laptop, can say. The N76 unfortunately only dvd’tjes Asus does provide versions of the laptop with a blu-ray player, but unfortunately not on the Dutch market.

Asus n76 zijkanten

Asus N76 is not elected best buy for nothing. Again The laptop combines fast hardware with a matte screen with high contrast ratio, the maximum brightness sadly disappointing. In addition, the laptop easily expanded with additional hard disk space, thanks to a second drive bay out. For those who do not want to tinker yourself a laptop Asus also offers a more expensive to N76, with two 750GB drives, but there are cheaper versions back who has enough storage to less and less memory. That makes the N76 attractive because there is what to choose if the choice is already a N76 cases.

+ Good screen, for a TN panel
+ Fast all-hardware

– Low maximum screen brightness
– No Blu-ray player
Rating: 0 € 966.79 Asus N550JV-CN270H
Asus N550JV-CN270H

With the N550 Asus offers a multimedia laptop with Haswell hardware on a 15.6 “screen. The screen resolution is 1920×1080 pixels and the video card is a quick GT 750M from Nvidia. The small screen size makes the N550 a less good desktop replacement than the N76 . price is located, thanks to the more recent hardware, also somewhat higher than for the N76.
Score: 4 € 1,148.99 Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P-00043NL
Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P-00043NL

The Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P falls just within the budget and, like the N550 features a quad-core Haswell. The memory is 8GB and the hard drive is 1TB in size. The Y510P is going more in the direction of a game than a multimedia laptop, thanks to the two GT 755m graphics cards that have been put on high frame rates in games. In sli Unfortunately, that does cause heat problems with this laptop.
Score: 4 € 1,165.05 Acer Aspire V3-772G-747a161.12TBDWamm
Acer Aspire V3-772G-747a161.12TBDWamm

Acer Aspire V3 falls just within budget and offers great value for money: a quad-core i7 processor, 16GB of memory, a 120GB SSD and a 1TB hard drive. A Blu-ray player not lacking. The GPU is Nvidia’s GT 750M. There are also variants of the V3 with a GTX 760M GPU, which, however, suffer from cooling problems at high load. Who are less likely in this model, thanks to a more efficient GPU.

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High-end ultrabook – Specifications and prices

A high-end ultrabook combines two key features in its housing. The laptop should be powerful enough for all applications, except gaming, and both light and portable. Ultrabooks are already available for under 600 euros, but for laptops that can call themselves, high-end, we increase the budget until 1500.

For that money, we expect a thin casing, low weight and decent battery and performance. Therefore, the choice fell on the Pro Sony Vaio with a 13.3 “screen. This ultrabook is desired to put together.
Brand and model
Category Laptops
Brand Sony
Series Vaio Pro
Product Sony Vaio Pro 13
Execution 13 SVP1321X9E Black
Pictures View all pictures (4)
Rate and Review
Lowest price € 1335, –
Number of providers 25 stores
First prize entry Sunday, June 9, 2013
Review Score: 4 (4 reviews)
Other specifications
Laptop Type Ultrabook
Multitouch touchpad Yes
Laptop extras Card reader, Backlit Keyboard, Webcam
Operating system Windows 8 Pro
Battery capacity (Wh) 35Wh
Color Black
CPU and motherboard
CPU-type Intel Core i7 4500U
Speed 1.8 GHz
Max Turbo Frequency 3GHz
Display and graphics
Diagonal 13.3 ”
Screen 1920×1080 (Full HD 1080p)
Backlight Led: Edge-lit
Screen Coating Glossy
Touchscreen Technology Capacitive
Multitouch Yes
Video Chip Intel HD Graphics
Dimensions and weight
Weight 1.06 kg
Height 17.2 mm
Length 216mm
Width 322mm
Memory Size 4GB
Maximum internal memory 8GB
Memory Type DDR3
HDD Type Solid State Disk
Storage 128GB
Number of SSD 1
Video out D-Sub (VGA), HDMI, Wireless Display (WiDi)
Connection (USB / FW) 2x USB 3.0
Connection (Ethernet) Ethernet 1Gbit / s
Connection (wlan) 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n
5GHz support Yes
Connection (Bluetooth) Bluetooth 4.0
Division Qwerty
Warranty and details
Manufacturer’s warranty 2 year pickup & return
More information
Specs by Manufacturer Product information from the manufacturer

Lowest prices for Sony Vaio Pro 13 SVP1321X9E Black :
+ / – Shop lev.tijd Price Total Place
Rating: 5 Op een werkdag voor 23:00u besteld, morgen in huis € 1,328.05 € 1335, – Harderwijk
Score: 4 Op een werkdag besteld, morgen in huis € 1335, – € 1335, – Harderwijk
Rating: 3.5 Media Markt Op een werkdag voor 22:00u besteld, morgen in huis € 1335, – € 1335, – Rotterdam
Rating: 3 Op een werkdag voor 23:00u besteld, morgen in huis € 1335, – € 1335, – Utrecht
Rating: 3 Saturn Op een werkdag voor 22:00u besteld, morgen in huis € 1335, – € 1335, – Rotterdam

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High-end ultrabook – Appearance and impression

Tweakers is the 13 “Vaio Pro, recently tested in two versions. We tested both the i5 version, with 4200U processor, as the i7 variant with 4500U processor. On specifications and price these ultrabooks win the competition, but there is a caveat, where we are right on.

Sony Vaio Pro 13
Ultrabook: appearance and impression

The Vaio Pro is remarkable for its extremely low weight. The laptop weighs only 1060 grams, making it one of the lightest ultrabooks so far. Low weight is not realized with a thick metal casing, which is good to note the ultrabook. The plastic and carbon fiber parts are quite flexible, the laptop does what feel fragile. During our review period, however, the test specimens withstood all tests.
Screen, keyboard and trackpad

The screen is, as we require for this price range, a full-HD display with IPS panel. Although IPS screens usually have good viewing angles, which falls mainly vertically rather, with the Vaio Pro, the unlaminated screen here throws a spanner in the works. Nevertheless, the screen at the right angle, good brightness and contrast, and color reproduction is excellent.

If desired, the Vaio Pro Sony’s own online store configure to size. In addition, there is also a choice of a matte screen, less poor vertical viewing angles. The touchscreen will then be canceled.

Sony Vaio Pro 13

The keyboard bounces through the construction done with it, but tap fine. The touchpad is made of plastic and therefore somewhat rougher than the glass trackpads of some competitors. The surface is pleasantly large.
The hardware

Under the hood, the Vaio a customizable configuration. Those who prefer to spend less money, for less than nine hundred euros to buy a version with an i3, the 4010U. In i5 and i7 models Sony builds into the 4200U and 4500U, respectively, and combines the processors with four or eight gigabytes of memory. In all configurations is a solid state drive of 128GB, enough for Windows and key applications.

The standard battery delivers an impressive battery life of eight to nine hours browsing and a half hours shorter for watching video. For an extra hundred dollars a flat, extra battery can be supplied.

Other upgrades include a larger SSD, which costs 160 euros for the 256GB version, and the matte screen may optionally be replaced by a touchscreen. That last upgrade, according to many unwelcome, cost hundreds of euros. Configurations with 4GB of memory can be upgraded to 8GB of memory. At 40 euros
Sony Vaio Pro 13 Sony Vaio Pro 13 Sony Vaio Pro 13 Sony Vaio Pro 13

The caveat that we started up the page, is the quality. Tested by Tweakers laptops are performing well and had some fine build quality, but not every consumer seems sharing. Happiness There go around complaints about poor quality and annoying bugs, such as poor wifi connectivity. The latter are other bugs fixed in software by Sony.

The budget for the high-end ultrabook runs until 1500, and within that budget, the Vaio Pro with a multitude of configurations available from Core i3 to Core i7, 4GB to 8GB of RAM, and with or without additional battery. The battery life, even without the extra battery, together with the weight of a big plus Vaio Pro. The screen quality is good, all are the viewing angles of the non-laminated touchscreen and is against the matte screen is recommended.

+ Low weight
+ Long battery life
+ Many configuration options

– Quality flawed
– Not laminated touchscreen
Score: 4 € 1485, – Samsung ATIV Book NP940X3G-K01NL
Samsung ATIV Book NP940X3G-K01NL

For just under $ 1500 is Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus is available. The ultrabook has a huge screen resolution of 3200×1800 pixels high. In addition, the laptop very solid and despite its compact dimensions equipped with a card reader and an Ethernet connection. The high screen does work to limit the battery life and memory with four gigabytes on the tight side.
link Review Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus
Rating: 0 € 1399, – Asus Zenbook Touch UX301LA-C4005H
Asus Zenbook Touch UX301LA-C4005H

Asus’ UX301 is the latest addition to the known Zenbook series. The cheaper model has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, a fast Core i7-4500U processor, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD-. The white plastic is unfortunately fingerprint sensitive and reflective touch screen will not appeal to everyone. A comprehensive review of the top model in the series, with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, appears on Tweakers soon.
link Hands-on Asus Zenbook Infinity
Rating: 4.5 € 975, – Acer Aspire V7-482PG-54208G52tii
Acer Aspire V7-482PG-54208G52tii

A rarity among high-end ultrabooks is the best buy of October in the category of laptops for graphic designers. For less than $ 1,000, the Acer V7 delivers one of the best laptop screens in a 14 “housing on the rest of the graphics hardware has not skimped,. GT 750M from Nvidia is present, and is combined with a Core i5-4200U processor and 8GB memory. The weight is 2.1 kilograms of ultrabook dignity and the hybrid hard drive will be slower than full SSDs, as we find in most ultrabooks.
link LBBG October 2013: Laptop Graphical



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