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Fiction | Ten myths about video games

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Since the earliest days of its launch, the game quickly became cluttered with all sorts of rumors, myths and speculation. Perhaps some of these myths, you know, but the world of video games is so huge that often need to be a fan of a particular genre, and even a specific title just to be able to make about certain myths listen with half an ear. One of these myths, for example, is a cheat code by which you can raise the heroine Aeris (Aerith) from Final Fantasy VII, which after the death of fans’ community real drama broke out in tears and snot, and game developers fell hate mail. However, there are more rumors and scandals such as the one which says that there is a special code that can completely strip the Lara Croft from the popular series Tomb Raider.

But the game is not just myths rumors and speculation about the secret characters and locations. Mysterious, mystical, often funny and intriguing rumors going around and okoloigrovoy subjects, such as those that say that games can directly cause violence, or that only boys play video games. Therefore, if you knew but forgot or did not know about them at all, we suggest to familiarize with the ten most popular rumors that in some way connected with the industry of video games .
Curse sports sim Madden NFL


We simulators American football is not very common, but in the West next myth is perhaps one of the most popular in the history of the gaming industry.

His story begins in 2000, when the developer and publisher Electronic Arts has decided that the annual publication of photos of the best players on the covers of his popular sports series Madden NFL will be a great marketing ploy. And from that moment begins a strange and mysterious events. First under the “curse” hit Dorsey Levens, a player the team Green Bay Packers. Shortly after he appeared on the cover of the game, football player seriously injured his knee and was unable to return to the team. For several years, almost every player who visits on the cover of the game series, after a while, or is injured, or even deprived of health (as a result of strange occurrences) and could not continue to continue his sports career. They began to talk about the curse of Madden. In 2012, even there was talk that EA has decided to withdraw on the basis of this film. But as long as dull.

Yet in all this there is a logical explanation. Any player (as well as any other athlete), who visited on the cover, were both successful and not successful seasons. American football is a sport very severe. It often be injured. But this does not mean that the appearance on the cover of a video game somehow magically and mysteriously leads later to stretch the ankles.
In Tomb Raider is a code that allows you to bare Lara


In 1996, the «Tomb Raider» was like a breath of fresh air. Play about a young countess-adventurer in the tradition of Indiana Jones was a very atmospheric. There were ancient ruins and mythical treasure, and even dinosaurs. Lara Croft has become the new icon of the game and to a greater degree because of the game itself, but due to their presence in it. There is no dispute advenchurny component of the game has been strong, but attracted the attention of the players it was her heroine – slim and busty adventurer. Needless to say, that on this ground immediately surrounding the game has grown a lot of rumors and myths. One such myth claimed that the game has a code that allows you to unlock for Lara “suit” Eve.
In fact, this code never existed, but players from trying to find him it did not stop. In Network (year was 1997 th) and then began to appear feykovye codes. As a result, it turned out that these codes did come up, but do not bare Lara, and open any other additional bonuses and secrets. Despite the time that has elapsed since the first mention of such a code, this myth is still one of the most popular. And although, again, no such code does not exist, that did not stop playing the mod makers, which created game modelki naked Lara and included them in the PC-version of the game.
Game Hot Coffee mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


The scandal surrounding the already-suffering Grand Theft Auto series from Rockstar Games of flared up in a yield of Grand Theft Auto: San San Andreas. A year after the release of the game all game community was quick to discuss the new mod called Hot Coffee. Curious modders have found that in the game files San Andreas there are traces of the controversial mini-games, not ranked in the final version.

The bottom line is this: there is the main character Carl, there are six girls. In the story, Carl can flirt with any of them, and with luck, the girl offered him to go “for a cup of coffee.” In the original game camera at this point remained hanging in the doorway, but the player could hear the groans and sighs unambiguous. Doubt today that Charles did not have a big lucky. A year after the game came a third-party mod. In the center of attention all the same thing: Carl, six girls to come in for a cup of coffee, well, of course! Only now the camera does not remain at the door, and followed the main character in the bedroom, where the player is no longer the part of the listener, and the protagonist of the hot scenes.

After that, the hype has risen so strong that it came right up to the U.S. Senate. Rockstar Games have started to deny that such a mode in the original game was not. The very same fashion creator said that only reversed the few lines of code, and that’s how it happened. Following the discovery of scandalous scenes of the game decided to change the age limit, and Grand Theft Auto: San San Andreas was the first game in the United States, which is sold under rated “adults only”.

Now the fun part. In fact, initially in this mod is really no one could play. Access to it in GTA: SA was not. He was not part of the game. However, the code that helped him to create the future modmeykerov, the CD really had. However, people could use it only with a modified game. On consoles, it was quite difficult to do, but on the PC to install a mod was easy.
Video Games – for children


Kids just love playing video games. This is a fact. Not argue with that. Millions of kids around the world love to play for “Mario”, “Sonic” and “Pikachu”. These games are really being sold in large quantities and are very popular. But the fact that the children in the “Mario” and “Sonic” played even during the ancient console Atari. Now those children are grown, but the love for the game is not lost. If you look at the gaming industry from different angles, it becomes clear that she grew up with the same kids who were cut by Atari. Only now it has been more mature and violent games, like the same Call of Duty or Dead Space.

Statistics for 2011 show that 53 percent of gamers around the world are under the age of 18 to 49 years. Among this age group, the average age is 37 years old playing! Casual games, like the browser, “Farm Frenzy”, as well as console Wii Sports and Wii Fit from Nintendo opened the door to the world of games the older generation. According to statistics, 29 percent of players – people aged 50 years and older.

Association data vendors (ESA) said that only 18 percent of the players are people aged under 18. Yes, the children played a lot of games, but the average age of the playing certainly is growing every year.
Video games lead to antisocial lifestyle


Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, two teenager who had organized in 1999 in the school, “Columbine” (Colorado, USA) massacre were fans of the game Doom. Seventeen year old Tim Kretschmer German, ten years after the incident in Colorado killed 15 people, allegedly “inspired» Counter Strike. When it comes to the brutality of the younger generation, hard video games, in which these young people have played before committing the crime, they automatically become a cause of aggressive behavior. The logic here is simple psychiatrists: violent video games make kids violent.

But in practice, – at least within statistical experimental studies – all just quite the opposite. In 2005, the study was conducted among people aged 14 to 68 years, who were asked to play for 56 hours in a multiplayer game Asheron’s Call 2. So, no aggressive behavior and changes in mental status of these players have been identified. Scientists also have found and differences in behavior between the players and the people who do not play video games.

Moreover, some psychologists believe that most of the studies that attempt to relate the brutality in video games and real-world bias. And while sales of games (including violent) grow (according to statistics for 1999-2007. From 5.5 billion dollars to 9.5 billion dollars), youth crime falls vice versa. For example, in 1999 the United States was recorded 1763 offenses among persons aged under 18 years, and by 2007 the figure was already 1063 people.
Girls do not play video games

pro street

When in the early 80s of the last century consoles have become a mass means of entertainment, games for them were universal. Game titles like Frogger, Dig-Dug and Q-Bert did not share the principles of gender – there were no games “just for boys” or “girls only.” But with the growth and maturation of the gaming industry it became apparent that the games are beginning to rely more on the interests of young boys than girls.

Public opinion is that video games are more suitable for boys. And the lack of interest among members of the fairer sex to gaming titles with obviously “girly” names it would seem only reinforces the stereotype even more. But does that mean that if the Metal Gear Solid is sold to large runs compared to what some “Adventures Barbie”, the girls are less or not play video games? Absolutely not.

Statistical data from January to August 2008 show that female players aged from 18 to 45 years, only one per cent less than men in the same age group – 37 percent to 38.
Chip based PlayStation 2, you can build a controllable missile system


In late 2000, the headlines are full of reports about the fact that on the orders of then-Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s military has purchased more than 4 million game consoles PlayStation 2, whose release in the fall of that year. All wondered why the military took seemingly ordinary toys? Shortly after that, someone suggested that Hussein needed not console themselves, and chips that they used. It has been suggested that by combining the 10-20 consoles Iraqi military wanted to create a supercomputer powerful enough to get through it can be controlled missile system.

But the reality but put everything into place. From a technical point of view is really possible to combine several PlayStation 2 in order to continue to use their 128-bit processors. But you need a special and very sophisticated software, the development of which Iraq would take several years after the release of PS2. In other words, this rumor was common myth.
Pong was the first game


The first version of the machine Pong

This story begins November 29, 1972 at the diner Andy Capp’s Tavern, in the California town of Sunnyvale. It was at this point was decided the future of the gaming industry (the current world currency turnover of $ 38 billion), and the fate of the newly founded by Ted Dabney and Nolan Bushnell of Atari and game Pong .

She was born the world’s first video game, which itself was not. More precisely, the day was really born Pong, except that it was not the first video game for arcade machines, it is now believed by many. Before him, there were already playing video games. That is the public perception of what exactly Pong was the first video game in the world nothing but a myth.

computer space

Computer Space

Ironically, a year earlier in the same eatery Andy Capp’s Tavern was represented truly the first arcade video game Computer Space, of which, unfortunately, very few people know about. In fact, it has been ported to a computer game Spacewar!, But it was too complicated for the players of the time – which is not surprising, because while each player was new to this business. The trouble for Computer Space was also in the fact that the game just did not go further and rapidly increased the popularity of Pong just left her no chance.
Buried alive


Sometimes some of the myths sound so that they can really believe it. For example, in this case we are talking about three million game cartridges, which in September 1983 Atari exported to 14 trucks and buried in the New Mexico desert near the town of Alamogordo. Thus was born one of the first myths associated with video games.

And interestingly, the reason that Atari was the case, have long been disclosed. The bottom line is that the fourth quarter of 1982 the company has been very unfortunate. All their income at that time was based on just two games: the console version of Pac-Man and a game based on the sci-fi blockbuster ET (in the Soviet box office film was called “ET”). Both the title were not as successful, as the company had expected, and the players themselves, and therefore about 5 million copies of each game were returned to Atari. Not finding a better way, as with all copies of this act, the company decided to bury them in the ground.

Unfortunately fans and collectors of vintage products, which in the years have tried to find any remnants of history, could not find anything. The fact that the first Atari cartridges crushed asphalt rollers, and then flooded them with a thick layer of concrete.
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