Best travel ideas for 2013




Best travel ideas for 2013


it is due to traveling from afar or that of a local leisure trip only
a skip and hop away, while in London the acclaimed theatre to visit
would be The Oliver. The pride and jewel of the National Theatre has
laid claim to hosting some of the most celebrated shows and performances
the world over. 

The visitors of this widely publicized venue have had the luxury of
seeing productions and staple shows like “Frankenstein”, “War
Horse”, “Death and the King’s Horsemen” as well as dozens more
within it’s colorful past. Along with this list it would be important
to mention that “Frankenstein” was a product of the return of acclaimed
director Danny Boyle in February of 2011.

The first ever artistic director of the National Theatre, Laurence Oliver
was a prominent director and stage actor who served as artistic director
from 1963-1973. Lord Oliver’s name can be attributed to the name which
the proud auditorium carries. It is the main auditorium of the National
Theatre. It is also a delight to mention that the architecture found
at The Oliver was inspired by the ancient Grecian theatre at Epidaurus.

Guests of this beautifully crafted theatre are seated in a truly thought
out environment. The auditorium of the Oliver Theatre can seat as many
as 1,160 guests at a time. The seating area was not only made to seat
over a 1,000 guests but is a testament to modern engineering. The objective
behind the seating area was to make it so that audience was able to
see the stage with no obstruction of any kind while the audience is
visible to the actors as well at the stage’s centre. This is made
possible by a five-story revolving stage section which extends about
26 feet beneath the stage and is able to revolve two platforms weighing
ten tons each; this makes scenery changes as real as possible.

Olivier Theatre London, can be touted as the main stage of the by-product
of the united Old Vic Company and the Chichester Festival Theatre which
came together to form the National Theatre under the direction of Laurence
Oliver in 1963. Olivier Theatre London is both historical as it is whimsical in nature and
would be a delight for theatre goers and the non alike. At the moment
it is hosting productions which awe and inspire. 



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