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Our developers have completed the development of development iteration # 82. In this sprint asynchronous banner tags were implemented, released a beta version of the new html video player and added a Usabilla feedback button. Furthermore, we are working on several projects that are not yet completed, as preparations for the upgrade to PHP Symfony 7 and 3.

Public beta testing new video player

In recent months StreamOne has worked on the development of a new video player that displays video standard in HTML5 instead of the widely detested Flash. Two iterations ago we started testing the video player among our subscribers. Thanks to their feedback and the improvements that have followed, we are now ready for a public beta test. You can test the new player to go once to the following url: . Then you will use the new player for the rest of your session when viewing videos on Tweakers.

New HTML5 video player

Feedback on the video player you can post in the topic Beta test new video player .


In recent iterations, we have been busy preparing for an upgrade to PHP 7 . Here comes a lot by watching. Thus tests with our PHP 7 environment showed that we use mongo driver is no longer available for PHP 7. The new driver has changed significantly, but fortunately someone has an adapter designed for the old mongo driver, so we can continue to use our existing code. In iteration # 82 we have the mongo driver given an upgrade and integrate the mongo php adapter. We also have a problem with igbinary (a super-fast replacement for the standard PHP serializer) dissolved and the PHP 7 environment tested.

symfony 3

Except to PHP 7 we consider an upgrade of Symfony, the PHP framework on which our application is based. We are now running version 2.8, but 3.0 has been a while and we naturally want to remember. That is a hefty task, because much has changed in the APIs. The main change here is the sharp change in the Form system. We must therefore all change our Forms before they work in version 3. Fortunately, most of those changes quite small, but with more than a hundred Forms tap it anyway to good. In the last iteration, we examined the changes that were necessary for Symfony are compatible with 2.8, so they were already merged with our stable branch.

Asynchronous ad tags

At the start of the sprint, we went live with asynchronous ad tags. The asynchronous loading of the banner tags leads to an improved latency and prevents that the retrieval of this information can block the loading of the content of the site. During the iteration, there are some fixes made problems that came to light after the implementation of asynchronous ad tags.

Measurements show that the DOM is considerably faster finished loading so ads can be shown before and offsets by the subsequent insertion of advertisements occur less. The time required was the same for the rendering of the page.

Effect of asynchronous ad tags

Karma to add product

We give quite a while karma points for improving product using the ‘Enhance productgegevens’ link on the specificatietab of a product. no karma was given for adding a new product. In iteration # 82 we have ensured that this is still done. In addition, we have improved the performance of karma calculation and we have fixed a bug that prevented the karma for a reaction to a product review was awarded to the issues associated with the review.

Usabilla feedback button

To gather more feedback from our users, especially visitors who are not registered and do not visit our feedback forums and development-.plans, we implemented a Usabilla feedback button on the site. You can find the button below the uitklappijltje of the tracker. With Usabilla you can give feedback both general and specific feedback on a particular element on the site, where you have the ability to highlight this element, so it is clear to us where the feedback applies to.

Usabilla feedback overlay

A farewell to purple

After 17 years, the day that we knew would come here: we will say goodbye to the purple oerlay out of the forum. A time for 99.87% of you may like something insignificant will pass, but for more than 80 subscribers ‘purple’ still actively use, it will be a shock. Recent years have turned purple only on a ‘as is’ basis; we did nothing more, but it was still reasonable. There now is an end to. Missing too much functionality , especially after the introduction of the question topics. The farewell of purple we do not silently pass up.

At present, purple and silver successor only available to subscribers. From now until Tuesday, March 29, all signed tweakers use purple and silver . Anyone who has a nostalgic blast from the past wants to can his heart again pick oldskool. In the afternoon of March 29 it is done with the fun and we only have tweakers_ng if available layout.

In the next three weeks we will have a competition to see who makes the best CSS version of purple. For (by choosing you) winner is a Raspberry Pi 3B ready and a year Plus subscription . More information can be found in topic A farewell to purple .

GoT oerlay out

And further…

We have additional product images added to the categories of speakers, video cameras, e-readers, operating systems and cables;
We have solved be a bug in Supply & Demand sometimes prevented images were uploaded;
we have ensured that images in the fold topic-offs and best answers in the topic-listing of the subject area are replaced by placeholders. the images will be put back in the unfolding of a topic. This prevents when opening the topic-listing sometimes dozens of MB must be loaded to images;
a bug corrected that prevented that review scores of separate evaluation were shown in product reviews;
we have a bug dissolved in the display of the price list;
Development has begun the implementation of syntactically awesome css by SASS .


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