Bhagavad Gita Chapter 11 – Verse 19




Bhagavad Gita Chapter 11 – Verse 19

Posted: 18 Sep 2013 01:15 PM PDT
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Chapter 11 — Verse 19

Verse: anādimadhyāntamanantavīryamanantabāhuṃ śaśisūryanetram | paśyāmi tvāṃ dīptahutāśavaktraṃ svatejasā viśvamidaṃ tapantam ||

अनादिमध्यान्तमनन्तवीर्यमनन्तबाहुं शशिसूर्यनेत्रम् । पश्यामि त्वां दीप्तहुताशवक्त्रं स्वतेजसा विश्वमिदं तपन्तम् ॥

Translation: I see You without beginning, middle, or end, infinite in power, of endless arms, the sun and moon being Your eyes, the burning fire Your mouth, heating the whole universe with Your radiance.



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