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# Fiction | Billions of reasons for the eternal reign Android

Unseen hands of vintage watches as drumsticks, beat the rhythm of time. The thin web of interwoven minutes into the ponderous fabric centuries. And with every second we get older, and for a moment, a moment closer to the future. Which will reign reign mobile platform Android. For good reason. Billions of reasons generated by the will of the users themselves. Not a subtle charm iPhone, or cozy familiarity of the name Windows Mobile will not be able to change the course of history.

The unusual laudatory ode

Android господствует

These reasons were voiced columnist famous research source The Motley Fool Steve Heller (Steve Heller). And, of course, given all the arguments and theses are his point of view, not only in our vast world. Transfer of reasons not to take a lot of precious time of our readers. Indeed, it suffices to say that the projected end of 2013 connect to the Internet with 250 million devices to the “Android-” platform. In the end, the audience of users of mobile devices based on the operating system from search giant Google to reach one billion. While “only” one, but the second billion nothing more than a matter of time.

Review of Steve Heller is interesting with its laudatory tone against Google. In honor of the search giant’s mobile platform, and it is not as common and compose odes to the saga. It is more a lot Apple, every new device that generates not only the night queue of enthusiastic fans ready in the pouring rain while away the long hours of agonizing waiting for the welcome meeting with the next iDevices, but also a great many reviews that praised to the skies (or criticize ) novelty. The output of the next “android” smartphone is usually accompanied by a press release, its manufacturer and a pair of scanty notes on the web. Of course, if we are not talking about the long-awaited “samsungovskom” flagship .

Perhaps Steve Heller is at the origin of a new tradition. Traditions praise Google. And of course we can not miss this event, which will probably be of historic importance for those high-tech, which are now largely determine the shape of our civilization.

In the coming year, 2014 th, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Google, Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) looks very optimistically, believing that the “humanoid” base will expand to two billion active devices. And these devices, backed by specific users to opt for Android’e will be those reasons that the competitors will be almost impossible to overcome the popularity of the mobile platform of the Earth.

The fact that the top-end device need not to everyone. Many are ready to admire the powerful cell phones only from the outside and well away from unnecessary spending. Or not at all will think about them. On the market there are a great many cheap phones based on Android. And the person who first acquires smartphone, often stops his attention to “humanoid” device.

The secret to the success of Android in its openness. As is widely known, Apple keeps everything in the app store under its strict control. Do a Google conditions are soft and flexible. The search giant leaves developers to create something.

In the hands of Apple 73% of the profits the industry. But we should not only compare all the money brought in by. Attractive friendliness “Android-” of the ecosystem makes it more challenging and interesting for developers. A user ultimately interested in the application, not device itself.

Meanwhile, the mobile market is slowly catching up new players. And they choose an open platform Android, thereby increasing the weight of Google in the mobile space. After all, for all his desire, they can not give preference to Apple iOS, which kupertinovsky tehnogigant simply does not license its operating system to third-party companies.

Eric Schmidt believes that what they are doing with Facebook’s Android and Amazon real “science fiction”, demonstrating the openness “Android-” operating system. 70.1% of the market in spirits ‘android’ hands. But it is quantified. Qualitatively, Apple earns more.

The fact that the two leading companies in the mobile market a few different purposes. Apple sells the device, and Google attracts visitors to its search megaportal. Kupertinovskomu tehnogigantu important as expensive as possible to sell their devices. As for Google, then its goals are more modest. She needs only to people enjoyed her services and, in between times, making friends with ads, which the search giant and earns. And it does not matter which device, even with fossil smartphone !
In the crowd of “little green men” no room to swing a cat

Android господствует

Therefore, the more fun “little green men”, all the more pleased to Google. After all, it means that its search string would be treated more often, not to mention the other services of the company. Mail, YouTube and much more … All of these are already “served” “android” desktop.

And it is likely that people will use what it offers operating system and do not even ponder about the alternatives. Doubt? Do not hesitate! For the vast majority of people are not smart for their passion for, and just the thing unpack and start to use it, not even doustanavlivaya no additional applications, it is quite content with the standard set of features. And there’s more loudly. To most of these functions and hands do not reach.

Google does not need the enthusiasm of the masses, which is erected on the very foundation of “epplovskogo” greatness. For a complete happiness, as they said in the past, and success, as they say these days, search engine corporation is sufficient that its products are actively used. To search giant does not even matter if people are thinking about how to whose free for you (that is, income from paid advertising) services they regularly rely. A person can admire Google or never think about it (in particular), or of high technology (as a whole). Use search and even that’s enough! Watching videos on YouTube, and it is wonderful!

But enjoy! At the present informal language “search” sounds like “google”. Often in online discussions people do not thinking about the other person advised to use the services of Google and thus enrich it a bit. Not faced with such? But what about the famous “Googling!”, Which does not manage a rare online discussion?

These hundreds of millions of infinitely “guglyaschih” people are the very billions of reasons referred to in the title. The reasons that provide a modest Android dominance in the present. They promise ridiculous “green man” a brilliant future.

And now the most important thing, though boring, but just a few words, without which the review would not look very analytical. Google has proved generous corporation and pay its shareholders a rather significant dividends. Apple also began to share with investors recently and still prefers to accumulate treasures. At least it was until recently. And the search giant and other leading Internet companies in the world, meanwhile increasing their presence in the growing mobile market, which in its present form was in fact based “epplovtsami.”

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