BitTorrent Sync: Definitely worth a look




BitTorrent Sync: Definitely worth a look
Cloud outages are annoying to those affected. But of course you have to ask the question, what are the advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is likely at the major services such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Dropbox are that they hold your data multiple times.

setup What’s in the cloud, is multiple secured on countless boards. Do you have at home for example your holiday photos on a single plate and smokes from this – it’s vinegar with these holiday memories. Or the computer is stolen, the shack burns down or anything. file

The chance that data be lost locally is likely to be greater than said cloud providers. Disadvantage: the service provider has problems, you may have problems getting to the data. And then, of course, is still the sword of Damocles called “chopped Account> data in the network” and “data espionage”. Not so easy and I think it should all appreciate.


I also unimportant stuff in Dropbox are, Google Drive I use as well as not even SkyDrive does not matter to me. But it’s always good to have alternatives in mind. Synology users, I have been here before the synchronization with the cloud station presented and also the synchronization with BitTorrent Sync was here before topic – alternatives such as OwnCloud also.

Screenshot 2014-01-12 at 15:14:48

Personally, I currently find the synchronization by BitTorrent Sync quite interesting because it offers over dropbox a decisive advantage in mobile apps: while Dropbox is not yet in a position to keep making complete folder available offline, so this is not the case with BitTorrent Sync Here I can both mobile iOS, as well as under Android define that files and folders are automatically made ​​available offline.

Screenshot 2014-01-12 at 15:18:02

This excludes, of course, external Folder Sync solutions that exist in the form of Cloudii Android or iOS Documents. The decor of the whole is now done in a few moments and both Windows / Android / OS X / iOS almost identical. You just have to install software, set sync folder – which can also be network folder by the way – and mobile you simply scan the QR codes for the folder. And shared folders or some with read access? Also possible.

Bildschirmfoto_2014-01-12_um_15_15_56-2 For this post I once made a couple of screenshots that show the installation and first use. Duration of the initial setup – less than 5 minutes, no expert knowledge needed. Can you definitely look at once, should be sufficient for many people.

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