Breakthrough Smart Devices To Track Body Movements Remotely…..




A team of students interested in piracy has introduced a way to use music to transform smart devices used in everyday life into spy tools. The system is based on the sonar, which includes an audible signal in songs that run on the smartphone or television, The system can then use the microphone in the device to listen to how the signal rebounds, and track anyone’s movements near the sound source.

The research team at the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington, a four-person university, tested and explained the technique, CovertBand, using a 42-inch Sharp Sharp TV in five different homes in Seattle, The researchers found that the method is capable of tracking the physical movements of multiple people for a distance of 18 centimeters.

The system can also differentiate between specific gestures and suggestions, and this technology can track people through the walls with less precision, and also show that listeners can not distinguish between songs that contain hidden sonar signals and songs that do not contain those hidden signals.

The introduction of malicious code into the device can be seen as the easy part of the process. Smart devices have proliferated in recent years and have proven to be highly vulnerable to piracy, including smartphones, so that all these devices are exploited by CovertBand technology to contain Speaker and microphone.

The number of smartphones, including smart phones, tablets, smart refrigerators, smart TVs, and other smart devices, makes life easier for consumers, but the behavior of these smart devices can expose them to exploitation, piracy, data theft or privacy intrusion. Users will spy on them if they are not locked properly.

The CovertBand tracking system makes microphones, built-in speakers in smart phones, laptops, tablets and smart voice assistants a future for capturing reflected sound waves and tracking anyone’s movements near the sound source.

The attackers should deceive the victims and install the third-party application on their smartphones. The malicious application, once installed, uses the AudioTrack software secretly to operate audio signals in the range of 18-20 Hz, and hide these high-frequency sounds by playing songs and other Sound clips similar to sonar…/…….


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