Brian Cox: “Time travel easy! But just ahead “




The famous British physicist Brian Cox argues that time travel is possible. Unfortunately, in his proposal there is a catch: Time to move only in the future, and there is no chance of a refund. Why? Because travel to the past is impossible. Maybe …

The idea of ​​one-way travel time slaps the majority of science fiction stories, but luckily for Marty McFly, it takes away the risk of accidentally sleep with his mother in 1955. However, the soaring flight on a skateboard would be possible, because it is – the future.

Cox told about this little trick in time speech at the British Science Festival, discussing the merits of “The TARDIS” Doctor Who, but perhaps it will surprise everyone who is even slightly familiar with the basic principles of the general theory of relativity. But the British national press thinks otherwise.

“Can you build a time machine?” – Asks Cox. – “The answer is: yes.”

Suppose we could build a spaceship that will accelerate the astronaut to a speed close to the speed of light, only to come back in a few hours and see what on earth a thousand years have passed (that GR does not deny ). Thus, the super-fast spaceship would be a time machine. Want even more to move into the future? Without problems. Fly.

Keep in mind that while it is impossible – according to our current knowledge of space, time and the good old physics – to travel faster than the speed of light, but traveling at a speed less than the speed of light – completely. However, to accelerate to this speed, we need some perversion of the technologies are not available until the engineers from the planet Earth.

“If you go fast your clocks run slower in relation to people who are. As you approach the speed of light, your clock will start to go so slow that you move to 10,000 years in the future, “- says the physicist.

With these words, Cox described the famous thought experiment, which teach students at universities around the world – “twin paradox.”

Imagine twins, one of whom is on Earth (twin A) and the other (twin B) – on board the spacecraft, flying away at relativistic speeds. Time for twin B slow compared to the time the twin A. If the time will go slower for twin B, he will return to earth and see that twin A is significantly older, since for him the time passed quickly. There is a work of the mechanism of “delay time”, and it appears more and more, to the extent that, as you approach the speed of light.

Cox described the time machine (the same relativistic starship), aspiring straight ahead into the future. What you need to do to turn back the winds of time and experience the so-called “grandfather paradox”? (If you find yourself in the past, you can check it, but know it can result in very bad for you).

Now work joins a bizarre and exotic physics.

“You can do this in terms of the general theory of relativity,” – said Cox. – “You need something called a wormhole , it moves through space and time. But most physicists put their existence into question. Hawking even invented the “chronology protection conjecture” – their physics we do not fully understand their condition and a priori unstable “.

The consequence of some equations of Einstein’s theory of relativity is the existence of wormholes, but they are not traversable wormholes-paths (that is easy to build your case and take a short course through space-time can not be), they are short-lived, being for the most part the abnormally small. To create a wormhole, as bequeathed to the best science fiction, we need an exotic form of matter that stabilizes the mouth of the wormhole with negative energy.

At present, this form of matter is an absolute theory, but if they find her, or produce, it is useful for time travel. Or, perhaps, for fast interstellar travel . At the moment, the only possible time-travel is a “fast” forward.
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