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BTO provides the 17CL80 in various configurations of roughly two thousand to 6.7 thousand euros. The version we tested cost 4200 euros and proved to be faster than most desktop computers. This is not surprising, because the laptop is equipped with an i7-6700K and a desktop GTX 980. In that configuration, you also can get a matte display uhd screen with the Adobe RGB color space. The money is clearly spent on the expensive internal hardware, because the quality of the keyboard and the touchpad, we found a bit disappointing for a laptop of this price.

Fastest hardware for laptop
Uhd matte screen with the Adobe RGB color space
Many connections


Moderate and moderately touchpad keyboard
Plastic casing radiation fog

Final Verdict
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Price at time of publication: € 4200, –
Tested version: BTO X • BOOK 17CL80

Most people who like to play a game at home, do it on a desktop computer equipped with a video card is easy. If, instead, your gaming PC will often carry a laptop is a somewhat more practical choice. A laptop, of course, does have disadvantages and is in contrast to a desktop limited by its dimensions, causing large and energy-consuming hardware generally does not fit or generates too much heat. Usually, it is therefore choose between speed and portability.

BTO 17CL80

BTO’s 17CL80 is a laptop that has little to do with “normal” make. Both the processor, Core i7-6700K, as the GPU, a GeForce GTX 980 comes directly from a desktop computer. Nvme-two SSDs in RAID 0 and 32GB of memory make you at this five-kilogram colossus must just as well as gaming on a desktop computer, or maybe even better. How the laptop compares to a desktop computer and other gaming laptops you can read in this review.

As is usual with BTO is use is made of a housing of barebone Clevo, in this case, the P870DM. You put the laptop down, then he rises a little more than four and a half centimeters above the table top and although the housing at the bottom slightly to the inside, it’s hard to find the laptop does not crass. The 17CL80 will therefore win any beauty prizes, but the body does what he must do: keep the items neatly in place.

Black plastic feels solid and does not count when you press around the keyboard on the housing. The outside of the screen makes it somewhat if you push the level of the BTO logo. This is unfortunate, but we see it more often in laptops with a plastic housing. Although the plastic so a perfect shell for forming the components, you do not really think you’re dealing with a laptop over four thousand euros. The Clevo laptops of six hundred euro make use of the same black plastic as the 17CL80 and only the thickness you can deduce that you’re dealing with a seriously fast laptop. For more exclusive appearance of top models may Clevo our opinion best to switch to a metal body.

BTO 17CL80 BTO 17CL80: almost as tall as three stacked Zenbooks

BTO 17CL80 The back mainly consists of a metal grill, behind which the heat sinks with a total of three fans are hidden. The warm air leaving the laptop at the back and is sucked in at the bottom. The bottom of the laptop is therefore richly equipped with perforations and the laptop is on four thick, rubber feet, which not only offer good stability but also enable the flow of air to the fans.

BTO 17CL80
BTO 17CL80
BTO 17CL80

Not only the internal hardware of the 17CL80 comes from a desktop computer, also with connections attempting to imitate the high-end laptop motherboards. For example, two minidisplayport- and two Ethernet connections available. Besides five ordinary USB connections USB c with thunderbolt 3.0 support present and adorns the back of the laptop has a HDMI 2.0 connection.
Keyboard and Touchpad

As befits a gaming laptop, the 17CL80 includes a keyboard with one in three zones divided backlight. The zones are in all colors of the rainbow in question and of course flash ‘breathe’ and ‘waves’, but can, if you’re finished, simply on or off.

Save your typing, then you notice right away that five kilo laptop holds the keyboard in place; even with a firm stop the keyboard does not budge. Nevertheless, the attack feels a bit cheap to what seems to be because the keys are dampened less than most other laptops we used to.

BTO 17CL80

The touchpad is basically good, but can not appeal to us at all. The surface is made of the same plastic as the housing and slides are not as fine as a glass touchpad. The precision is fine and felt that multitouch gestures are properly detected. Unfortunately, the multitouch gestures on Windows 10, such as swipe up with three fingers to start Task View, unsupported.

A click with the separate mouse buttons can be no doubt arise; they leave deep impressions and the click is felt. For those who do not feel like logging in always with a password, there is a fingerprint reader between the mouse buttons.

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