California meteorite contains ingredients that could form the life on Earth





Scientists who examined the fallen April 22, 2012 in California meteorite Sutter’s Mill, named in honor of the Sawmill Shatter, where he fell, the claim that the outer body contains traces of ingredients that could easily provoke the emergence of life on our joint planet many billions of years ago . In the ruins of a meteorite, scientists have found organic molecules, which were very similar to Earth’s.

As a result, the extraction of these organic molecules at the expense of special solvents, and then further analysis, the researchers found that this type of molecules never before met in the other fell to Earth space objects.

To carry out this kind of study, the researchers decided to artificially recreate the environment that was characteristic of the time when the nascent life on our planet. According to some researchers, as the addition of the solvent itself, many billions of years ago were hydrothermal vents. So, working on the collected samples substances that are normally present in hydrothermal vents, the scientists were able to identify organic molecules that had never met in other meteorites. Thus, the scientists wanted to test the theory pansermii under which life could have formed from the ” primordial soup “consisting of various particles and organics listed fallen to Earth by meteorites.


The fall of the meteorite Sutter’s Mill, filmed over the city of Reno (Nevada) astronomer Lisa Warren

Researchers have attempted to recreate the environment that is typical for that time when life appeared on Earth. According to one theory, as a solvent for billions of years ago were hydrothermal vents. Acting on samples collected substances that are contained in the hydrothermal vents, scientists have identified specific organic molecules that have not previously been observed in other meteorites. This primarily means that the types of extraterrestrial organic matter there is much more than previously thought.

The researchers then draw two conclusions: First, we now know that the kinds of organic space is greater than previously thought, and secondly, this kind of organic, hitting the Earth could actually start the process of the birth of life on the planet, becoming a key for this ingredient. The fact that the appearance protolife needed organic molecules that at some time close to one another, i.e. creating a simple formation. And scientists have discovered a meteorite found in organic materials such possibility.
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