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Good job for battle royale and zombies

Call of Duty Black Ops 4
The rejection of traditional campaign mode is a daring choice that will not be equally good with every gamer, but that Black Ops 4 has enough content to make the loss of that campaign not too painful is clear. Blackout is an asset to the range of battle royale games that are available now, while the Zombies mode has never been as complete and as extensive in the game as this year. The multiplayer does not offer too much news, but benefits from well-balanced, smoothly playing gameplay. In the audiovisual field there is, as tradition has been, a lot to complain about, but even then Black Ops 4 is good enough for the necessary hours of online fun.

Blackout real asset
Strong multiplayer
Zombies more fun and comprehensive than ever
More tactics
Visually no high flyer
Single player offer limited
Rare Specialist missions
Microtransactions influence gameplay

It started with the best World War-shooter of his time. Then the series took us to different areas and different wars. We made stories of which the names will probably stay with us forever, especially in the trilogies around Modern Warfare and Black Ops. In addition, we saw the multiplayer mode continue to grow, and in Zombies created something that started as a modest side dish but grew into a full-fledged main mode. And now, in 2018? Now Call of Duty and we have grown apart. What was once one of the highlights of our game year is probably still for others, but not for us anymore.


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Let’s assume that this position is personal. He is fed by preference and taste, as that is the basis of every game that you like or do not like to play. It does not automatically mean that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 can not be a good game. Development studio Treyarch has made a number of choices at ‘CoD: BO4’ that do not fit in with what appeals to us most about Call of Duty games. The bigger role for the Zombies game mode did not matter to us, although we are the first to acknowledge that there are hordes of gamers all over the world who are definitely on the brainless monsters. In addition, Treyarch is obviously not crazy. Activision and the studios obviously see what is played the most, and they know all too well that the Zombies modes are always hugely popular.

The role of Zombies mode is more important than ever in Black Ops 4. This game mode is pre-eminently the component that has to compensate for the loss of traditional campaign mode. Indeed, this Call of Duty breaks with the habit that there is always a story mode. Treyarch knows what people are playing and will have received indications that with the deletion of the campaign mode not much is lost. At the same time there will be gamers like us who think it is a pity that the annual roller coaster ride of about six hours has disappeared.

Background missions for Specialists
You can talk about it for a long or short time, but reviewing components that are missing is of course quite pointless. It is therefore better to see what is in the game. This is not very much at single player level. Treyarch has tried to provide the Specialists – the characters that players choose in the multiplayer – with more background. Black Ops 4 offers a brief background story from each of these specialists, cast in a somewhat broader story. That sounds nice, but in practice it is no more than a collection of short practice missions in which you learn to deal with the special skills of each Specialist, in pots against bots. It is a nice prelude to the multiplayer, but certainly not a replacement for the traditional campaign. Special attention may also go to the approach of the missions mentioned above. Here the old Black Ops-known Frank Woods always refers the player to a tone that is spectacular and tough, but completely misses the board. It makes us especially a big smile because it all sounds so idiotic, and not because it would actually be funny.

Those missions and accompanying films are probably also your first introduction to how Black Ops 4 releases it audiovisually. This starts to sound like a ‘broken record’, because we repeat it every year, but Black Ops 4 lags behind the current visual standard. The Battlefield V to be released later this month is graphically of a completely different level and if you look outside the FPS genre you already see completely different things. Two-dimensional textures in grass and plants, and a large number of massive objects in the game world: these are things that we are used to with Call of Duty and which in 2018 have not suddenly changed. A positive exception here is Blackout, which we will discuss in more detail on the next page. The large folder shows hardly any loss in graphic quality, and that is worth a compliment.

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