Can life be older than the Earth itself?




Can life be older than the Earth itself?


Application of the law of computer science in biology has revealed the intriguing possibility that life existed long before the appearance of the Earth. And maybe, if you believe the scientists and their calculations, appeared outside our solar system.

Do you believe it?

Moore’s Law states that computing power increases exponentially, while the cost of a semiconductor decreases exponentially every two years. However, we have found that Moore’s Law is not just for semiconductors . But it works. If you take Moore’s Law and count the computing power in the last two years, in reverse order, you will be in 1960, when, and invented the first microchip.

A pair of geneticists have decided to apply Moore’s law regarding the speed with which increases the complexity of life on Earth. According to New Scientist, the results showed that the first organic life came into being long before the Earth itself.

Researcher Alexei Sharov from the National Institute on Aging in Baltimore and theoretical biologist Richard Gordon of the Naval Research Laboratory in Florida took Moore’s Law transistors and replaced by nucleotides – the building blocks of DNA and RNA – and chains of genetic material, and then launched a calculator.

The results showed that life began 10 billion years ago, long before the Earth, whose age is estimated to be 4.5 billion years old.

Well, if mathematically life actually existed long before the Earth, whether it is physically? Again Balls and Gordon say “yes, probably.” As long as our solar system is rolled into balls planets forefathers bacteria or even basic nucleotides of the older part of the galaxy could pay a visit to our earth on a comet or other inorganic outer dumpster – the name of the process panspermia.

The calculations of scientists can not be considered scientific evidence that life existed long before the earth – there is no way to know for sure whether organics could evolve faster in some of the moments in the history of the universe. Balls calls his work a thought experiment.

“Our solid arguments hypothesis.”

Thought Sharov and Gordon creates an intrigue. On the one hand, “the life of the Earth” solves the old problem of the diversity of species in the universe: if the complexity of genetics will progress at a constant rate, social and scientific development – also, the first aliens with whom we met somewhere in the back of the Milky Way will be … people. Or something similar to humans. This is supported by another interesting fact.

“While astronomers look for aliens in space, other scientists on the basis of physics, biology and chemistry are trying to guess what it would be like alien life. Another Isaac Newton, for example, wondered why all the animals we see around us have bilateral symmetry (they’re all symmetrical two eyes, two “arms” and two “legs”)? What is it – a happy coincidence or God’s providence? “- Michio Kaku,” Physics of the Impossible. ”

The study of balls and Gordon writes a theoretical and practical parallel between the origin of life and attitude of life to knowledge. Human evolution is not just happening at the genetic level: it is epigenetically, or in the mind, as technology, language or cultural memory are becoming increasingly complex.

“The functional complexity of organisms partially encoded in the genome of hereditary and partly in the fleeting consciousness” – the scientists explain.

Applying Moore’s Law – the theory that originally was supposed to serve as a technology – to life, genetics, evolution does not make it easy, but instead recognize its extraordinary complexity.

And while some may be taken with skepticism to the ball and Gordon, scientists insist.

“Pollution bacteria spores from outer space seems the most plausible hypothesis that explains the early appearance of life on Earth” – they say. And if Sharov suggested bet he would put 99% of the fact that life existed before the Earth. – “But we need to keep 1% for a completely improbable chance that we have not considered.”

In my opinion, it’s time to think about the aliens that are sure to speak English and can teach us something .
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