Can we find an alien with an infrared light?




Can we find an alien with an infrared light?


A team of astronomers has, instead, to listen to the radio broadcast ( one way to hunt for aliens), to try to find evidence of alien life on thermal radiation of the planets, which can be fixed with infrared detectors. But to do so, will have to build the biggest telescope, what this world (though there are decent options ) has ever seen.

According to the Astronomy Magazine, a team of astronomers, engineers and physicists from the University of Hawaii, the University of Freiburg and other places is planning to establish an infrared telescope as part of SETI. At the core of the problem is the idea that a well-developed extraterrestrial civilization will produce more energy on the planet than to receive from the home star. Such an aura of energy may indicate the presence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

“Energy traces of life and civilization is in the form of infrared radiant heat,” – says Jeff Kuhn, lead scientist of the project. – “It is quite simple to calculate the power of the signal, estimating how much light energy star falls on the planet.”

Thus, a sufficiently large telescope – and with the proviso that it is designed specifically for capturing infrared – astronomers can scan required planet within 60 light years.

There is even a project for such a telescope, “Colossus» (The Colossus).


Here’s how Space Daily describes the telescope:

“The desire to infrared detection of extraterrestrial civilizations, among other objectives, the researchers, led the team to a fund-raising and construction of a giant telescope. Giant infrared telescopes that are already planned for construction at the present time, the Giant Magellan Telescope, tridtsatimetrovy Telescope and the European Very Large Telescope will not be big enough. ”

Incidentally, we detail stayed on the construction of the gigantic Three.

Telescope “Colossus” should have a mirror with a diameter of about 77 meters. He could find hundreds of planets the size of Earth in potentially habitable zones, and perhaps a dozen alien civilizations due to the sensitive coronagraph, and technologies that will be included, if the construction of the instrument will begin.

An international team of scientists is looking for money for the construction of the 77-meter telescope, but because you need a lot of money – for the sake of revolutionary technologies, the question is still open. Presumably, the telescope will be composed of 8-meter mirror sections and will operate at a sufficiently high altitude.

In addition, the telescope can be adapted to study the surfaces of stars, black holes and quasars – these strange objects in the universe .
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