Chapter 15 — Verse 11




Chapter 15 — Verse 11
Verse: yatanto yoginaścainaṃ paśyantyātmanyavasthitam | yatanto‌உpyakṛtātmāno nainaṃ paśyantyacetasaḥ ||

यतन्तो योगिनश्चैनं पश्यन्त्यात्मन्यवस्थितम् । यतन्तो‌உप्यकृतात्मानो नैनं पश्यन्त्यचेतसः ॥

Translation: The seekers striving (for Perfection) behold Him dwelling in the Self; but, the unrefined and unintelligent, even though striving, see Him not.

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