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Paint flowers is quite simple, especially carnations and daisies. But there are some subtleties to consider that the process of their color was the best way. White flowers will be bright and colorful and it does not have any dip them in the paint, led by him or brush. Simply remember that the plants “drink” water and the solution will be found by itself. In fact, a very simple and obvious solution.

Крашеные цветы

High School Projects resource tells a lot about the properties of the surrounding world, including how to paint flowers in the home. Flowers are traditionally part of the decor, giving the room a fresh, creating indescribable comfort. They are given to relatives and friends, expressing their love and attention. Flowers have long served man not only in themselves, but as an idea for creativity. Since ancient times, were distributed floral ornaments. Colors inspired artists.

Nowadays many people are addicted to the world of beauty and want to show their creative talents. In fact, creativity is at everyone, they just need to develop and improve skills in the right direction.

Sometimes a hobby consider a waste of time, but with the right approach, because of their hobbies a person can learn a lot of new things about the surrounding nature.

Natural need of plants in water allows you to create great works of art semi-natural. Cut flowers in a solution of food coloring can acquire its color. Let’s see how it goes. And most importantly, look at the reasons of this surprising phenomenon. Here again we see how thin the line between natural and artificial.

But not all the colors found in nature. Using regular food coloring, you can make flowers out what they want to see is you.
Experiment Progress

Крашеные цветы

First, cut the stems of the flowers, so they were not too long. Slice should be done at an angle, as planar sections, touching the bottom of the vase and adhering to it will prevent the flow of water in the stem of the flower. The slices should be done under water to avoid air bubbles are formed which do not allow water to penetrate into the dye flower.

Add 20 – 30 crystals of food coloring in half a glass of warm water . In the warm water coloring process will go better than in cold. Place the cut stems flowers in colored water. A few hours will be colored petals. After a day painting process is likely to be completed, but it depends on the colors. You can then put them in a vase with clean water, but as they continue to “drink” water color of the petals change over time. If you will cut the stem lengthwise and place each half in its own color, your flowers will be in two colors.

With certain skills and craftsmanship with their hands can make even the legendary little flowers-semitsvetik. The main thing is to learn how to gently break down the flower stem. It’s not easy, but the skill is gradually coming to each master.

The process of “drinking” water flowers consists of several “sub.” Water passes through thin tubes located in the stem of the flower. These tubes are called the xylem. Partially water evaporates partially gravity (gravity) tries to get her back down: the soil or a vase, and dye particles are retained in the petals of a flower and give it a new color. Moisture plays a tremendous role in nature.

As you consider whether to call the resulting colored flowers gift of nature? Or is it an artificial product?
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