Chinese lunar rover is faulty. “Jade Hare” goodbye to earthlings




Chinese lunar rover is faulty. “Jade Hare” goodbye to earthlings

China announced that its first lunar rover is experiencing technical problems. This unexpected turn could seriously hit by the country’s space program, aimed at the exploration of outer space. According to the State Administration for Defence Science, Technology and Industry of the PRC, the problem is with the “complex topography of the lunar surface.”

Six-wheeled rover “Yuytu” or, as it is called “Jade Hare”, began its research activities in the last month after the first in the last 37 years with a soft landing on the surface of the moon with the help of spacecraft “Chang’e-3.” Rover was instructed on three-month stay on the lunar surface to search for natural resources and the transfer of scientific information to Earth. In a study of the moon he helps his lander .

Moon mission strengthened faith in China’s space program and became a matter of national pride. In his microblog “Jade Hare” collected more than 150,000 followers. In his last entry talking about trying to eliminate Chinese scientists suddenly arising problems.

News about the Chinese lunar rover damage immediately picked up all the world’s media. Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said he hoped to return soon “Jade Hare” in the normal state.

It seems that the technical problems have arisen related to the forced transfer spacecraft to sleep to survive the cold moonlit night, which lasts about two weeks. During this time the temperature falls to the moon -180 degrees Celsius.

His first moonlit night, during which the rover could generate energy with solar panels, he survived . To protect sensitive avionics from damage, “Jade Hare” used radioactive power source. Problem occurred on the Saturday before the second scheduled “hibernation.” Therefore, over the next 14 days we hardly know about the state of the moonwalker. Lander “asleep” on Friday.

The Internet began to talk about the possible contamination of the rover solar panels moondust. Ostensibly it prevented them folding, whereby they were in a terrible cold.

Before you go to sleep, “Jade Hare” said the following words:

Before going to bed I have a fault in the mechanical control system. Master all night trying to fix the problem. I am afraid that I can not survive this moonlit night … Chang’e still does not know about the problem. If all of a sudden I did not return, please reassurance to … Goodnight, earthlings.

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