Choosing between Krasnokamensk and Paris




Choosing between Krasnokamensk and Paris

Change of eras happened without regime change – not because of the revolution from below and from above through the degradation

After a year and a month after the third coming of Vladimir Putin, will, however, do not go away, it is clear that it does not justify the main query voted for him in March 2012, the “as usual” is no more. In Russia there come some new times. Change of eras happened without regime change – not because of the revolution from below, and thanks to the degradation of the above. While the new old government makes the choice of the time between 1937 and 1973 (with dips in the era of “patriarchal despotism”), millions of Russians will have to make a personal choice in the space “between Krasnokamensk and Paris.”

British The Times in an article just caught the main content of the current Russian life, albeit in a somewhat naive interpretation. Promises of President Vladimir Putin cease to be in the spotlight, as the Russian economy is slowing down the pace of development, writes The Times. For 13 years the people of the country supported Putin because he made them richer than ever. For the sake of the citizens were willing to tolerate the infringement of freedoms. But a year after the start of the third term as president Putin’s image as the guarantor of a stable life is under threat as the economy slips out of control leader. Therefore, according to the newspaper, the society begins to ask more questions about the long-term presence of Putin in power than his sudden divorce from his wife.

The third term will be a time of divorce Putin’s Russia.

Economically “fat zero” ended nearly five years ago, in the fall of 2008, with the onset of the global crisis. Until then, the Russian treasury income, driven by strong growth in energy prices in the world, increased power without any effort. If the power to anything and made efforts – so it is the steady increase in the rate of theft of public money.

Politically, the era of stability, died in September of 2011, at the Congress of “United Russia”, where Medvedev and Putin are reversed. Part of the elite sincerely put Medvedev for a second term, or the fact that until now has never in the history of Russia who resigned as the number one did not come back to this post. In any case, Medvedev’s second term could play a role in part of Putin’s first term – a young, energetic president hopes. The Times delicate phrase that Putin’s promises no longer be the center of attention – in Russia long ago turned into a nickname Obeschalkin, which was awarded the national leader of the opposition does not hipsters. From Putin did not expect the promises after returning to the presidency even most of those who voted for him again. Sociology on the eve of the elections clearly fixed the main motive of Putin’s support – that nothing has changed. The Russians chose Putin’s logic that was once my mother has made a wonderful school teacher, exiled to Tashkent from Leningrad University and “reduced in rank Teachers’ Stalin:” And the evil creature worst thing sweeter. ”

But after only 13 months after winning the party candidate cemetery stability it turns out that not all of our cemetery quietly. For the first time in nearly half a century we have again bred foreign agents. Out of nowhere, a country flooded with representatives of sexual minorities with propaganda tendencies. Although the monopoly of any advocacy we have tacitly assigned to the state. Holders of seats “United Russia” can no longer exclude themselves from poverty or from prison. The party authorities did not know whether she will fall in an unequal battle with the forces of “All-Russia People’s Front” or survive after suffering losses in men and material, in a new way. Even the Prime Minister, the former president, nothing is guaranteed – and he really knows his immediate future. Capital flees from the country at a pace as if the presidential election won by the most unpredictable and unknown to the candidate of the opposition with the economic program Sharikova: “Take everything and divide.” The president has spent the other day closed meeting of economic ministers from the government, which required them to change course and stop spending on inherently unprofitable projects. If we have the government determines economic policy. If the government has come up with the most loss-making projects – the Sochi Olympics and the football World Cup.

Neither the elite nor the inhabitants do not understand what happens to a country that will be tomorrow, not to mention some relatively long planning horizon of life. Russia is yet another “end of time”, followed by some other times. If you predict the content based on current ingredients have to admit, nothing good awaits us. And, like “yesterday”, there will be: Russia gradually but inexorably away from Putin to the other.


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