Cisco” monitor trends and shifts technical milestones during the year 2014




Cisco” monitor trends and shifts technical milestones during the year 2014

Company published “Cisco” the first report of the Monitor trends and shifts technical milestones during 2014, which highlights the most important trends that will, according to the company, redefine business concepts across the Middle East.

The survey, based on information collected from more than seventy “explorers” technical world, the company spotted the most important distinguishing technology trends in 2014 will be high and that the momentum of innovation into the future.

The most prominent trends observed by the report according to the “Cisco” include, the connections between the device and another, and computing surrounding everything, and building the next generation of the Internet with the help of the structure of the new, and computing security, and management of mobile devices, visual communication and coordination tasks across web browsers, and dramatic shifts on video.

The company considered that the concept of the Internet for everything is the main motivation for all of these trends, where the fundamental link between people, processes, data, and things.

They expected “Cisco” to lead this concept of the world into a new era, and that found in the same time to the huge market opportunities worth more than $ 19 trillion dollars over the next ten years (distributed by 14.4 trillion dollars to the private sector, and 4.6 trillion dollars for the public sector) . The company also expects to grow in its number of links to smart linking nearly 212 billion of things by the year 2020.

In this context, he saw “Tarek Ghoul” General Manager “Cisco” in the Gulf, Levant and Pakistan, it is essential for IT organizations to prepare for the era of “Internet for everything,” and pointed out that these days is witnessing the emergence of the concept of the economy of applications, where will not be limited or restricted attention today after various devices, but will continue to support the growing number of applications installed on devices that are connected to each other.

He added: “We must begin now to change to keep up with the large and growing the enormous amount of data derived from diverse and different devices, ranging from smart phone applications through to information from the city’s infrastructure smart.”

According to research and consulting firm, “IDC” IDC, the Middle East region will be one of the biggest beneficiaries of such a massive shift, and analysts expect “IDC” to increase spending countries in the region on information technology during the year 2014 by 7.3 percent compared to last year to reach this year, 32 billion U.S. dollars.

In a related context, expect a report by the “Cisco” to see the Middle East and North Africa, the largest growth in mobile data traffic over the next few years and to rise by an annual compound increase of 77 percent up to the year 2017.

This form of the concept of computing surrounding everything, and one of the most important results cited in the report, which is expected to lead to a radical change in the way users interact with different digital devices in the future, it will be a hardware familiar with them, and their positions, and their destinations, and needs.

Commenting on this, said Tarek Ghoul, that this concept may be some confusion, because in fact lead to a re-definition of user experience, in addition to a radical change in the way in which they are building IT systems. Pointing out that the way things are going to provide any content from anyone at any time and place will see a change, so as to bring about a shift to the era of the right information to the right person in the right place and time, and in the right way, too.

It is the results that are described Balhamh and referred to the study of “Cisco” that what has become known as the “economy of applications” entails installing sensors accurate and low cost in all things, almost, from roads and planes and refrigerators, as well as store shelves and even soil and shoes, and will send those probes staggering amount of data The estimated Baltirabaat information from which to assess and understand a lot of things related, and even take on some immediate measures.

At the discretion of experts “Cisco” will be links between devices and between man and man and another combined accounted for 55 percent of the system of the Internet for everything, as will the connections between the device and the last the remaining 45 percent.

The report also pointed out that it is one of the most important benefits of the new structure of the Internet is the possibility of coordinating work tasks and make video calls via web browsers, where the criteria for a new general will enhance staff performance through the integration of video calls – voice, applications and text notes, and whiteboards within the scope of multimedia immediate and based on the Web.

He called Tarek Ghoul, in the event of a desire to actually change the way people communicate with each other and move towards a new era in this field, to deploy applications in a simplified manner and expanded and fast cross-platform Web.

He added that he must choose a new standard web browsers that rely on open source strategies and partnerships.

Similarly, predicted the report that the world is experiencing technical transformations milestone in digital imaging with the emergence of coordinated high resolution micro “Ultra HD”, which provides accurate striking on television screens and smart phones, tablet PCs and mobile devices with cameras, not to mention vision goggles realism or holograms.

As both of the two approaches will achieve the former, according to the report, a significant impact on most aspects of life, including health care, education, and outreach work in the offices, and security.

In order to keep up with the incredible growth in the number of connections between things, the report indicates the observer of technology trends for the year 2014 issued by the “Cisco” that must laboratory technique that different structural evolution of the Internet to replace the Internet Protocol usual.

Among the most prominent trends distinguishing in this context, what is known as system (NDN) which allows the transfer of information by denomination does not by its host server addresses, in a noticeable shift from the traditional Internet.

I have tried systems network-based software solutions (SDN) in its early stages to overcome the existing difficulties by focusing on the technical default retina cases unexplored, but without achieving the desired integration throughout the computing physical and virtual, and until this moment have not characterized by that system transparent desired.

The report also pointed out that, of course, companies can not dispense with the measures to protect the security of IT infrastructure which represent the backbone of the business, the mainstay of its competitiveness and sustainability, and the same thing applies to keep up with new Internet, so it is likely that the corporate changes and wide in relation to the deployment of solutions to manage mobile devices nature Cloud and graduated in order to protect personal information and institutional together. The consulting firm “Gartner” had predicted that half of the companies apply the concept of the global enable employees to use their mobile device of self, of laptop computers and Tablet PCs and smart phones, in the work environment by the year 2017.

He concluded by saying Tarek Ghoul, said the future of the Middle East during the year 2014 and subsequent years on shifts technique described Balvariqh will have its mark throughout the next phase, “We are already seeing some of those transitions. The convergence of data and processes and things on the Internet and the steady growth in their numbers to make network connections with the importance and value more than ever before, which has unprecedented opportunities for companies and individuals alike. ”
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