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Cisco revealed Cisco’s intentional network solutions, one of the most significant developments in corporate networks. Cisco’s vision is to create a smart system that can predict actions and actions, stop security threats in its pathways, and can continue to evolve and learn.

The solutions will help companies open new opportunities and solve challenges that were difficult to solve in the past in an era of increased connectivity and connectivity with the proliferation of technology, the US Network Solutions Company said.

Cisco added that this new network is the result of years of research and development to reinvent networks for the era when network engineers are managing hundreds of devices and today they are expected to be able to manage one million devices together by 2020.

“The network has never been more important than the present time for business success, but it has not been under much pressure, by building a more intuitive and intelligent network,” said Chuck Robbins, Cisco’s CEO. “We’re creating a smarter and more secure platform than any other. Just for the day or for the present but also for the future, pushing companies forward and creating new opportunities for people, businesses and organizations everywhere. ”

Today, companies run their networks through traditional IT operations that are unsustainable in this new era. Cisco’s approach is to create an intelligent system that can learn continuously, and can also adapt, protect and transform automation to improve network operations and defend them against the highly sophisticated threat landscape.

“Cisco’s coded traffic analysis can solve the network security challenge previously thought to be unsolvable,” said Ayman al-Gohary, general manager of Cisco Egypt. “ETA uses Cisco’s CyberSafe to detect known attack fingerprints even in encrypted traffic , Which helps ensure security while maintaining privacy. ”

With the vast majority of the world’s Internet traffic on Cisco networks, the company has used its outstanding position to capture and analyze this valuable data by providing IT with accurate insights into the anomalies and predicting problems in real time without compromising privacy. By automating the network and embedding devices that can automate learning and analysis at the enterprise level, Cisco is able to manage once the business is unmanageable and allow IT to focus on strategic business needs.

Indeed, many leading global companies and organizations have conducted field trials of next-generation network solutions, including organizations and companies such as NASA and Royal Caribbean Carbohydrates.

Informed by the context and supported by intention

With this new approach, Cisco is changing the basic plan for communicating with the most advanced and revolutionary hardware and software. This shift from hardware-based networks to software-based networks will enable customers to experience a quantum leap in speed, productivity and performance. The new network is a smart network and a highly secure platform – supported by intent and informed context:

Intent : Intentional networks allow IT to move from traditional tedious processes to automation, making it possible to manage millions of devices in minutes – a critical development to help organizations navigate through ever expanding technical landscape.
Context : The interpretation of data in the context is what enables the network to provide new insights. Data is not only important but the context surrounding it is of great importance – who, what, when, where and how. The Smart Intuitive Network interprets all of this, leading to improved security, more specialized experiences and faster operations.
Prediction : The new network provides extensive machine learning. Cisco uses massive data flowing through its networks around the world, with built-in automated learning, unleashing that data to provide predictable and implementable insights.
The technology works on the smart intuitive network

The digital architecture of the Cisco DNA network provides customers with a range of innovative hardware and software to bring the new era of networking to life. Today, Cisco is introducing a set of Cisco DNA technologies and services designed to work together as a single system and enable customers to move at digital speed:

DNA Center : An intuitive central management control panel that provides an integrated approach to IT teams based on intent including design, provision of fundamentals, policy and emphasis. With a complete vision and a network-wide context, the DNA center allows IT to centrally manage all network functions.

Access to defined software (SD Access): SD Access uses automated policy implementation and network fragmentation across a single network fabric to dramatically simplify network access for users, devices, and objects by automating daily tasks such as configuration, provisioning, and troubleshooting. Time to adapt the network, improve problem resolution and reduce its time from weeks to months to hours, greatly reducing the impact of security breach. Initial field analyzes with clients and internal tests showed a decrease in network provision time of 67%, improved problem resolution by 80%, reduced security breach by 48% and savings in operating expenses by 61%.

Network Data Platform and Assurance : This powerful new analytics platform classifies a vast amount of data on the network and uses machine learning to transform it into predictive analytics, business intelligence and implementable visions delivered through the DNA Center Guarantee Service.

Traffic Encrypted Analytics : Today, nearly half of cyber attacks are hidden in encrypted traffic and this number is increasing. By using Cisco Talos for TALOS and using the machine to analyze patterns of metadata traffic, the network can identify known threats even in encrypted traffic, without decoding and affecting data privacy. Only Cisco can enable IT to detect threats in encrypted traffic at up to 99% accuracy, with less than 0.01% false positives. As a result, the new network provides security while maintaining privacy.

Cisco Catalyst 9000 Conversion Portfolio : Cisco introduces a new family of adapters built from the ground up to the new realities of the digital age, which focus on mobility, cloud, Internet stuff, and security requirements. Cisco Catalyst 9000 provides unrivaled security, programming and performance through hardware layer innovation (ASIC) and software (AUSXI).

Software subscription : Cisco is now making software subscription an essential component of the campus’s key transformation portfolio. When purchasing the new Catalyst 9000 family of transformers, customers will be able to access the capabilities of the DNA program by subscribing, either through the pre-bundled Cisco suite of software or components. The CiscoOne program, available through the enterprise-wide corporate network portfolio, allows businesses to access ongoing innovation, budget predictability and a more flexible way to consume technology.

DNA Services: To help customers adopt intuitive networks with speed and confidence, Cisco has created a new set of services that benefit from our proven expertise, best practices and innovative tools. Whether customers are looking to transform their entire network or integrate new security and automation capabilities into their existing network, Cisco has a comprehensive life cycle for consulting, implementation, improvement and technical services to help them with their journey. Cisco channel partners can also resell these services and build network practices that include software, security, automation, and analytics for their customers.

Developer Center : Cisco is launching the new Devnet DNA Center for Resource Developers to help developers and IT professionals create and integrate energy-enabled applications into IT and workflow systems. This includes new learning paths and resources to support developers to use APIs and construction skills.


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