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Because SimCity disappointing set Paradox Entertainment the door open for a SimCity-like “game, and that was Cities: Skylines. The game does seem in much the simulation game from EA, but at various points Cities wins the battle. Players have much more freedom, more options and ultimately more fun in building a city. The game is faced with some minor flaws sloppiness, both graphically and in AI, and also had been a little more welcome challenge, especially since the game pace during the development of your city which sinks. Yet this is a game that lends itself to many hours of fun, thanks to the community, thanks to the editor and Steamworks simply a stream of new components can cause your cities.

A lot of freedom and options
Major role for community
Nice features
Fully playable offline
Errors in AI and graphics
Had challenging liked
Tweakers zegt: zeer goed!
Price at time of publication: € 27.99
Available from: € 19.89
Tested version: Cities: Skylines, PC (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows)
We remember it like it was yesterday. In early 2012 we visited the studio of EA Maxis in Emeryville, near San Francisco. The studio, which was founded by Will Wright, was working hard at a new SimCity game. At that time there was not a cloud in the sky. We were impressed by the systems and the graphic style of the game. When the game was ready for release a year later, however, turned out to be major problems. The servers were working poor, but also the game itself was a thing wrong. All in all it was not the SimCity game where many gamers had hoped for.
That one also marked by publisher Paradox Interactive. The company had with the Finnish development studio Colossal Order a studio in the house who wanted to make love to a city simulation “after the earlier two volumes of the more transport-oriented game Cities in Motion had made. The failure of SimCity thus literally opened the door for a similar game made in Finland, and that game is now available. Cities: Skylines is a game that seems much like SimCity, but things just a little different approach on some key points. That became clear during the Gamescom last year, when it was noted in the announcement that delicately Cities: Skylines too would play offline in its entirety. A direct attack to the address of SimCity, which was criticized because the game was initially only play if the player is connected to the servers held by Electronic Arts.

That sentiment seems even now, a few weeks after the release of the game, still evident. Various media and gamers described Cities: Skylines already as “SimCity such as SimCity should have been.” The popularity of the game among gamers evident from the fact that the Tweakers editorial by the community highlighted the quality of the game, which was called for a review. Now we have 2015 not for nothing renamed ‘the year of the community’, so true in this case: You ask, we deliver.


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