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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare does not have too many surprising things, but is nevertheless a good part of the much-discussed series. The game achieves a high level in the single player, thanks to the strong tussencènes and good variety in the types of missions. The lack of a really good plot and however the inconstancy of graphics cost some points. In the multiplayer gameplay, thanks to the Exo-suit and the dynamics that entails, what to see more innovation. However, the basic, pure racing and shooting, remains fairly equal. The new Game Mode Momentum is a nice addition to the game selection, and the ability to adjust scorestreaks is a nice extra. The same may be said about the Exo Survival mode. All in all this is a good debut for Sledgehammer Games, which could make its first own Call of Duty game.

More dynamic gameplay
Beautiful cutscenes
Momentum-game mode
Adjusting Scorestreaks
Exo Survival


Occasionally some imbalance
Graphic changeable
Predictable story

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Is it possible to House of Cards look to be of the character Frank Underwood, or at least the way actor Kevin Spacey played him? Without fan No wonder the link between the successful series from Netflix and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was quickly laid, then see Spacey in a similar role was in the first trailer of Activision’s new shooter. On internet speculation about the “Underwood-like ‘character Spacey, the wildest stories even hinted at an actual connection between House of Cards and Call of Duty.

Tested on: Xbox One
Also appears on: PlayStation 4 pc

Meanwhile we are months later, we have the game on a review event play out completely, and we know that the latter is not happening. Spacey plays in Advanced Warfare Jeremy Irons, the boss of a Private Military Corporation called Atlas. Atlas is the mid-twenty-second century become the most powerful military force on earth. The soldiers and their tools are frequently hired by the largest country in the world, and lead by Atlas in the field of technology is impressive. That is why the main character Jack Mitchell at Atlas gets. Mitchell loses early in the game are poor, but will be measured ultramodern prosthesis Atlas, which was the beginning of his career in the PMC means

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

At that moment you are as a player several times been in contact with the eye catcher of the single. Of course, these game mode contains all the elements you expect from Call of Duty, but the presence of Kevin Spacey – and with him several other actors that can best recognize – naturally attracts attention. Not only does Advanced Warfare on a very fine selection of actors, the game puts the actors also a wonderful way down. The cutscenes are at times to the feast. We were regularly feeling to a series or movie watching. That is not only because the graphics in these documents, but also by the way in which the whole is imaged. The combination of strong graphics and good shots in the cutscenes, accompanied by great sound and here and there some sense of drama, makes Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare more “production value” radiates. If we were to imagine what would be a combination between a television and a game should look like, our Advanced Warfare would come pretty close.

That idea is moreover well away when the movies are over. It seems clear that the developers have had to make choices for the graphic side of Advanced Warfare concerned. The soldiers and weapons, for example beautiful, but you look at the areas where you walk through, you shoot back in the time. In this regard, the opening mission chosen unfortunate. Skyscrapers in that mission look because pretty awful. So deep sinks Advanced Warfare continue hardly, but the graphical level may be called hesitate and miss.

As for the single player of Call of Duty still missing is a good story. Although everything beautiful is imaged and Spacey in their own way and putting up a memorable character, there is no question of a good plot or overly surprising twists. In fact, when we speculated with some reviewers prior to the play sessions on how the story would be about expired, we had to address the broad outline of the plot nicely. Call of Duty has never been a game that should have a catchy storyline. That is certainly in this case too bad because it could lift the production as a whole to an even higher level.


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