Collapse of the universe could happen sooner than expected




This can happen in the near future. Yes, our universe , like everything else, is not eternal, and once it come to an end . Scientists in the field of theoretical physics and mathematics from the University of Southern Denmark (University of Southern Denmark) conducted a series of calculations and theorized that it could happen much faster than previously expected.

There are several theories as can “die” universe. On one of them sooner or later changes in the forces that act on the universe, lead to the fact that each elementary particle will become harder. This can lead to significant increase in mass of the entire material. These changes will ensure that the entire universe compressed into an infinitely small, infinitely hot and infinitely heavy microscopic ball. After this our universe in the form in which we know it, will cease to exist.

Such a process in the universe is called the phenomenon of phase transition. A similar process can be observed during the melting and freezing of water or when the magnet loses its magnetic properties during its heating. Phase transition can occur if some part of the space to happen a fundamental change of the Higgs field that gives mass to all elementary particles. In this case the matter goes to a lower energy state, and if this process continues, this “bubble” will begin to expand in all directions at the speed of light. All particles in the way of the bubble will be attracted to each other, creating a supermassive black hole, which merge together later to collapse into a singularity, writes

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“The phase transition can begin anywhere in the universe. It is likely that this process has already begun and is moving in our direction. Perhaps it starts now and may happen after billions of years, “- he says the Danish University Jens Krogh Frederick Kolding.

These disappointing findings, scientists have, analyzing three main equations underlying the processes of phase transition. Previously, these equations were considered separately, but the Danish scientists analyzed once all three equations that allowed them to look at the process of the phase transition completely to the other side. The results obtained allowed the scientists to conclude that the probability of occurrence of a phase transition is much higher than assumed in the analysis of separate equations.

However, while scientists and pushed quite pessimistic conclusions, the theory is only possible prerequisites to the collapse of the universe that can not happen. In addition, new calculations are based on the currently known elementary particles. If in the universe there are other particles, which are not yet known, this theory can completely crumble.
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