Coming soon: 4G on Wi-Fi frequency – LTE-Advanced Pro is the stepping stone to 5g




Many people keep a rhythm. When 2G and 3G GSM and UMTS called old-fashioned, it did not sound at all as a reality that almost everyone would take a UMTS phone. When UMTS 3G was now going to be called, the move to 4G sounded a lot more sense.

Of course, changing the name is not the only reason why more people switched quickly from 3g to 4g over from 2G to 3G. After all, UMTS promised first mobile Internet, something which many people at that time did not see the point. That was with 4g quite different: it was indeed the same Internet, but faster. Want less time waiting at the loading and send images via WhatsApp? Of course!

Therefore, it is almost a given that 5g a resounding success will be. 5g 4g same applies if: it makes existing networks quickly and as well as phone providers supporting and is in subscriptions, the transition is almost automatic.

But the introduction of 5g take years. Until that time, so invented the umbrella organization for telecom companies, we need a snack. The existing LTE advanced, known in the Netherlands as 4g +, therefore getting a sequel called LTE advanced pro. This week, providers came together in Gothenburg, Sweden, to determine the exact specifications. There is no marketing name in the Netherlands, so until then we can speculate that it is extremely 4g + 4.5g or 4g ++?

Although the name is so important, it is more important what it does. LTE advanced Pro offers many small changes, but important: accelerating 4G via a frequency band where no providers euro have to pay: the unrestricted 5 GHz band, where your Wi-Fi connection probably is in. That sounds a little scary, but is it really?


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