Compare Samsung Galaxy S IV and HTC One




Compare Samsung Galaxy S IV and HTC One

htc one vs galaxy s4

If we consider the current comparison in terms of the quality of these smartphones, the differences between HTC and Samsung One very minor. Of course, some of the readers can point to the fact that HTC has a more attractive design, more user-friendly interface and offers more original or something. But if you look at all these questions from the market, the Samsung HTC left far behind long ago. So at the expense of the new flagship One company wants to bring yourself to Olympic glory, but then before it becomes a serious problem, which is called Galaxy S IV. We have already given a comparative description of the flagship Samsung, Sony and HTC, but we decided to push the first and last face to face, one on one. Let’s see if there are any chances of Taiwan’s stand against the Korean giant.



Samsung Galaxy S IV and HTC One, have almost the same size. Only in the case of One, the smartphone has a 2 mm, but 18 percent thicker than its rival.

Housing Materials


Galaxy S IV continues the tradition of the use of plastic. Someone is like , someone does not like it. HTC One, in turn, is made of anodized aluminum and is doing a pretty good application for design. HTC managed to do two very difficult tasks: to make cool looking smartphone and that was not like anything that came before it.

Hard to say what the result is better. Plastic that is easy to replace, pick a color and not much to spend money on it, or aluminum, which is much more difficult in repairing, expensive costs, but nevertheless looks more premium. It is not surprising that of the plastic and aluminum has so many fans. That eventually you closer – you decide.



Plastic has one advantage over aluminum – it’s easier. Therefore Galaxy S IV get easier HTC One by almost 10 percent.



Both devices offer a stunningly clear display 1080p. Screen size Galaxy S IV slightly more (4.99 inches versus 4.7 inches) than the HTC One, but both phones offer their particular screen. While both Galaxy S IV uses Super AMOLED, which was used in previous versions of the flagship, One screen uses Super LCD technology 3. It’s worth noting that the screen of the S IV brighter and more colorful. For many, it seems a virtue, but there are those who believe that the color of the screen less natural and more corrosive.



Both versions of the Galaxy S IV have to be faster than the HTC One. And the version based on the quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 is already proven. But the fact that most high-end smartphones have sufficient processing power that can cope with any proposed platform applications. Therefore, the difference between the performance in this case can be seen only in the same benchmark .

Random access memory


Smartphones have recently become more and more like a real computer. Increases not only their functionality, but also increases the threshold of “iron”, which they use. The market dictates the rules, and the standard 2013 is the use of flagships 2 GB of RAM. Under these standards, both smartphone fit. Of course, the operating system is also eaten off a piece, but for most (or all) of the problems of this amount will be sufficient. At least for now. But once the 64 MB was an accomplishment, not on the mobile device and the PC.

Read-only memory


One basic model offers the availability of 32 GB of permanent storage. In addition to this version is promised and 64 GB. The trouble is that such models to Russia likely will reach not officially. True, no one is not canceled Internet. In turn, Galaxy S IV offers three options of 16, 32 and 64 GB. For those who do, and it will seem a little, provides for a slot microSD. HTC have no microSD support.

Networking opportunities


Everything will depend directly on local operators. If they are providing support for LTE, then both phones will be able to offer a super fast data transfer over the network.



Compared to the previous flagship Galaxy, the new S IV offers a more capacious battery. This is not surprising, as the new flagship of the proposed increase in screen size and more powerful processors. Battery for HTC was smaller, but its processor running at lower frequencies, and the screen will get less (although not significantly) than the competitor.



On paper, it seems that the Galaxy S IV will dominate the area. But remember that it is not only measured by one-megapixel image quality. Significance, technology that delivers quality photos. And in this case HTC One can significantly stand out. The company “established” fewer pixels camera sensor smartphone, but did those pixels more, calling the technology “ultrapikseli» (Ultrapixels). One addition is using aperture f2.0 and a 1.3-inch CMOS sensor with light, which, according to HTC, will take quality pictures even in low light source.

Compare cameras of both devices is difficult. You have to wait just practical tests. Nevertheless, it seems that both offer excellent picture quality.



If you compare just the bare OS, the Galaxy S IV compared to One offer at the start of a more modern version. True, there is no denying the fact that the One will eventually also get Android 4.2.2.

If you dig deeper, you will find that every smartphone has its original envelope. In the case of Galaxy S IV, it uses TouchWiz, who works at the limit of its capabilities to the maximum not to be like the very OS Android. In other words, offers a bunch of new features.

Offhand immediately comes Air Hover, which allows you to view a preview, without touching the screen with your finger and just above the display. Dual Camera allows both take photos and record video from two cameras (front and back), Smart Scroll makes it possible to scroll through the mail messages and Web pages through face recognition technology. Perhaps for many of these features may seem useless, but still Samsung should be commended for the fact that it still is trying to introduce new ideas.

Shell Sense 5, which is used in HTC One, in turn, may or may not seem like a step back, but no headway. In contrast to the same Samsung, who tried to propose in its smartphone “everything that can and can not», HTC has decided to simplify things a bit.

The most notable feature here can be considered Blinkfeed, Flipboard-opodobny news hub in one of these screens. In addition to the familiar grid of application icons, screen smartphone meets his owner tiles with different feeds of the latest news.


Sometimes when just such comparisons, it is clear which device is better. But let us admit that the audience, like the market – a very mixed bunch. One person may like this device, and the second – is another. It all depends on what a particular person on the device waits.

Unfortunately for HTC, all marketing aspects and market trends will eventually lead all towards Samsung. Likely to sell Galaxy S IV will be much bigger than selling One, as was the case with the Galaxy S III. Just because Samsung knows how to sell their products, leaving behind all the marketing issues, as the “charge” their devices.
To its credit, HTC can be said that the company still managed to market a brand new product for her. It is stylish, it is beautiful, it is aluminum and uses new technology. This product will certainly find a buyer.

Choose, as always, to you.
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